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10 Easy & Simple Sidewalk Ideas You Can Achieve

Even if the sidewalk stays on the side of the road, you still want it to look good to complement your home. The best sidewalk ideas should be the ones that match your atmosphere, garden, and home designs. Don’t worry if you cannot decide which design is perfect for your sidewalk. I am here to introduce you to some sophisticated sidewalk ideas that you might find interesting below.

Sidewalk Ideas

Idea #1: Flowers

Growing or planting flowers in your front yard looks amazing, either with or without a fence. Your front yard is the face of the house, and flowers are the adoring accessories to enhance the overall beauty. No matter if people visit or walkway, the appearance and fragrance of your flowers also give out a friendly impression. You can create a mini garden for flowers or simply plant them in pots of different kinds for unique looks. Things can be very colorful depending on the flowers that you grow for your front yard. On top of that, they also make the sidewalk looks even better because flowers are one of nature’s top accessories.

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Idea #2: Lights

Add some lights if you want the sidewalk in front of your house to look great even at night. Not many people think of lights when it comes to sidewalk ideas, but they are actually amazing to have. It is only fair to illuminate your front yard, so you might as well give it some styles. There are so many types of lights that you can get for the sidewalk, and most are affordable. Go for the ones that are solar-powered so that you won’t have to worry about the electricity bill. The awesome thing about this type of light is that they are also easy and inexpensive to find as well. I also have some recommendations for great lights to have for your front yard and sidewalk.

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When it comes to lights, several types of them are perfect to have along the sidewalk. Some of the best and most common options that you may like are:

Fence Lights:

In case you want to install solar lights on your fences, this type of light is also available. The installation is rather simple since you will only need to use some screws to get them on. Fence lights are durable and waterproof, and they look absolutely beautiful at night.

Garden Lights:

Make an incredible complement to the garden with its beautiful and unique designs. The garden lights come in various looks, such as animals, flowers, fungi, and more. All of them shine so brightly at night, automatically, using solar power to charge during the day.

Ground Lights:

Allow you to easily install by poking right into the soil which is fast and simple. Since it is solar-powered and waterproof, it does not need any maintenance at all. This type of light is bright and night, and it can illuminate for up to 8 hours or longer.

Pathway Lights:

Look like a mini lamppost that you can easily install along the sidewalk. These lights are solar-powered and waterproof which is perfect to have outdoor.

Idea #3: Mini Garden

If the space is tight, then you can create a mini sidewalk garden like this one right here. It could be anything from small shrubs to a mixture of small plants that you can use. A mini garden in front of the sidewalk brings out this calm and relaxing atmosphere while looking great. Things are even better if there is a lot of room in front of your house and sidewalk. You can easily add as many flowers and plants as possible to make your mini garden look lively. Just make sure to look for plants that are durable and tough so that they can endure the environment outdoors. Once you have your outdoor plants, get ready to have a cool sidewalk garden that people will compliment.

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Idea #4: Pebbles

The creativity with pebbles is endless when it comes to sidewalk and walkway ideas. Pebbles may sound so simple, but you can turn them into many cool decorations at home. As for the sidewalks, you can go for large pebbles like the picture here to create a nice look. You can also use small pebbles for more details, and the final result looks equally beautiful just the way you like. On top of that, there are also colorful pebbles available in case you want your sidewalk space to be bright. Using pebbles is very common and popular, and maybe this can be a design that you might find interesting.

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Idea #5: Picket Fences

One of the best ways to separate your home from the public sidewalk is using picket fences. The special thing about picket fences is that they look amazing with almost any home decoration and design. You can also add some flowers or plants by the fences to make them look more attractive in the front. There are so many ways to make your picket fences look nice while keeping people from seeing your property. This is a great sidewalk idea for those who want privacy without being too obvious at the same time. As you can see in the picture, it looks super cool and stylish so don’t forget to consider this idea.

Image Source: thisoldhouse.com

Idea #6: Plant Wall

Don’t worry if your tall fence or wall looks dull because you can always easily make it look gorgeous. The trick is to add some green plants, either artificial or real to the wall to bring out the liveliness. That way, the side facing it will also become more vibrant while looking natural and relaxing at the same time. Along with that, you can also add a few pots of small plants or trees to complete the look. The plant wall is so nice to the eyes, and it also makes your front yard looks unique as well. It is like a garden but on your fence or wall, and there are so many ways to achieve the design. The plants don’t have to be all green. It depends on you to turn it into a cool match with the sidewalk.

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Idea #7: Shrubs

Another alternative to flowers or plants is short shrub hedges right here, would you look at that! If you have a beautiful front yard or garden to display, this is the perfect way to set the boundary. Simply plant some small shrubs of flowers or plants as you see in the photo here, and they look amazing. The great thing about this sidewalk idea is that you can choose any type of plant that you like. You can make the barrier between the garden and sidewalk as colorful as you desire which is really nice. More than that, the height of the hedge can be short or tall, just the way you prefer. This is one of the most beautiful sidewalk ideas to have in mind, and you might want to consider it.

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Idea #8: Statues

In case you don’t like flowers and plants, then maybe you can go for something bolder like statues. I see many people decorate their front gate or front yard by the sidewalk with gnomes and similar-size figurines. However, you can go bigger by adding small statues to make the house look even more elegant. There are so many cool and incredible small statue ideas both online and in the market. I am sure your local Home Depot has many awesome options available that you can choose from. It doesn’t have to be always statues, some sphere stones will also do. All you need are some solid stones with a design that matches your home and the sidewalk. It will surely look nice, trust me.

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Idea #9: Stone Sidewalk

For those who tend to be in the traditional and vintage styles, a freestanding stone wall like this is quite attractive. The great thing about this type of sidewalk idea is that it looks nice with most atmospheres and sidewalks. Even better, it is very durable and sturdy which does not require any maintenance at all. You can separate your front yard from the sidewalk while making both spots look amazing at the same time. There is a wide range of colors that you can select from, and the height depends on you to choose from. You can always find some more decorative items for the wall later, and it will turn out stunning for you. If you have a large home perimeter, this is one of the best sidewalk ideas to have in mind.

Idea #10: Trees

When it comes to the most popular sidewalk ideas, trees are among the options that will pop up. Sometimes the environment around your home is suitable for some trees in front of the yard by the sidewalk. More than that, it is also great to have some greenery and shades to look at as well. Some people even plant trees with fruits that they can collect annually by the sidewalk which is also quite beneficial. Along with the trees, you can also grow some small plants and shrubs around them for more life and style. All of them look great together, and they create this harmony that compliments both the home and the sidewalk. This sidewalk idea is perfect for those who just move in or home with plenty of space by the sidewalk. If this is something you like, you should definitely go for this sidewalk idea.

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7 Classy Sidewalk Designs To Connect From The Pavement

In case you cannot choose the sidewalk designs in front of your house, you can match them from the pavement. There are certain areas with small pavements that do not give a lot of room for sidewalk designs. However, you can connect the pavement to the sidewalk with some cool sidewalk ideas below. If you have plenty of space in the front yard, the sidewalk designs below will surely be helpful.

1. Bluestone

The beautiful element about the bluestone sidewalk is that it provides both class and elegance to your home. At the same time, it is also a perfect complement to most modern home designs these days as well. I personally like bluestone sidewalks because there are so many colors and patterns to choose from. The best part is that all of them look great and stylish while being durable and safe. More than that, the textures look amazing with low maintenance which is absolutely great to have. If you look for sidewalks that do not require edge constraints, bluestone is the type to go for. Another awesome thing is that the bluestone sidewalk is not slippery, making it perfect for wet weather conditions. In case it is always drizzling and raining in where you live, you should definitely go for the bluestone sidewalk.

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2. Brick Sidewalk

Brick sidewalks have been around for decades, and they never go out of style. This is because there is always an upgrade with their appearance and layout patterns all the time. Just change the layout and size, and there are so many looks that you can achieve by just using bricks. On top of that, brick sidewalks look amazing for years since they are also very durable and tough. You can even install them on top of existing concrete, and the vibes that they give are always awesome. I am sure you already have a few things in mind regarding the design of brick sidewalks. Plus with the affordable and reasonable price, the brick sidewalk is surely one of the best ideas to take into consideration.

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3. Concrete Sidewalk

Easy and fast, concrete sidewalks are very convenient to achieve while not costing too much. As we all know, concrete is a very durable and tough surface that lasts for years to come. Even better, it is very strong so maintenance is not on the list of things that you need to do. My favorite part about concrete sidewalks is that there are multiple looks that you can go for. It does not have to be flat and gray like the concrete sidewalks that you often see. There is this design called stamped concrete that adds patterns onto the concrete to create different looks. The best part is that there are so many pattern options that you can choose from, and the decision is yours. Since it costs less while looking incredible and long-lasting, there are so many reasons to consider this sidewalk idea.

Image Source: familyhandyman.com

4. Geometric Sidewalk

Simplicity can bring out the best if you know how to make it work, and geometric sidewalk is among them. As you can see, geometric pattern is already unique. Let alone having them on the sidewalk with a color of your choice, the final look will surely turn out amazing. The picture above is only an example. There are many other geometric designs that you can achieve for sidewalks. Some even use colorful chalks to draw while other use pebbles to arrange in a geometric pattern on their sidewalk. Depending on what you like, geometric sidewalks can be many things, and I know you will be creative with it.

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5. Grass Stone Sidewalk

If you cannot decide between grass and stone sidewalk, then grass stone sidewalk is the option that you should consider. This idea is a combination of a durable surface with a natural surface, making it looks fantastic for a sidewalk. You don’t have to grow grass from scratch because artificial grass can also do the job. Plus, artificial grass is also long-lasting and low maintenance so having it is so convenient and easy. This sidewalk is easy to achieve, and it looks great for most home decorations. You can also use grass stone sidewalks as your walkways in the backyard, front yard, garden, and more. It looks nice while saving you a lot of costs, so don’t forget to check it out.

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6. Mosaic Pebble

For art lovers, there is every reason to consider mosaic pebbles are one of the most beautiful sidewalk ideas. Pebbles come in so many colors, shapes, and sizes that you can use to create an art of your choice. From animals to flowers and more, arranging pebbles can create them all for you. This is why I highly recommend mosaic pebbles if you want to get beautiful and innovative arts and pictures. I have seen people arrange pebbles into elegant animals like peacocks, and this beauty lasts for years to come. So in case you have time, you should go for mosaic a pebbled sidewalk. The project is going to be time-consuming, but it is so worth every minute you spend.

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7. Pavers

We all know someone who always aims for something that is neat and organized, and a paver sidewalk is a perfect idea. The special thing about the paver sidewalk is that it is flexible to any type of path and road. No matter if the road is curvy or zig-zaggity, the paver sidewalk can always adapt to it while looking amazing. This type of sidewalk is perfect for outdoor uses, and it is very comfortable to walk on. Depending on how far your sidewalk has to go, the cost can be anywhere between $1,700 and $4,600 in total. This is quite pricey, but its durability and quality are very long-lasting which is one of the best sidewalk ideas.

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Final Words

When you know how to spruce up your sidewalk, the overall appearance will match together nicely with the house. With some of the most common and creative sidewalk ideas above, things could be easier for you to decide. I only include the ones that are easy to achieve while looking classy and modern for your home. Maybe one or two of them complement your home design, and I surely hope that my recommendations today are helpful.

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