70 Beautiful Hoya Varieties & Its Caring Tips

Among over 700 Hoya varieties, we are only going to discuss 70 of the most common ones today. One of the traits that every variety shares are the sublime star-shaped flowers with a crystal-like crown on top. This is also the unique characteristic that differentiates Hoya from other plants as well. We have 70 Hoya varieties with different leaves and growing habits in the list below, so let’s take a look.

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#1. Hoya Acuta

First and foremost, we have Hoya Acuta, a medium-sized plant with a bold fragrance that will soothe your nerves. The scent is already incredible. The magnificent lemon and peppermint flowers make this plant even more awesome. Plus, with the lance-shaped leaves with long internodes, it looks absolutely gorgeous. Another unique trait about this Hoya variety is that it forms flowers at an early stage. Not all varieties are like that, so it is nice to see a beautiful bloom from the beginning.

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#2. Hoya Affinis

With shiny and waxy umbels, the flower clusters that Hoya Affinis has always bloom beautifully. There are around 10 to 12 large flowers in its bloom clusters, and the flowers are absolutely stunning. Those flowers are waxy with purple or red colors with a yellow crown in the middle. On top of that, those flowers have a very sweet scent while producing abundant nectar at the same time. It is a climbing shrub with free branches, and the leaves are dark and pubescent. Regular watering will do to make this plant grow and flourish.

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#3. Hoya Australis

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Here we are one of the most common Hoya varieties that are popular among plant enthusiasts out there. Hoya Australis comes with a number of other varieties that you can choose from, among fuzzy, hairless, shiny, etc. Even better, there are also a few different color options that this plant comes with as well. However, the flowers of this plant are always white with a carmine-pink stain under the corona while the scent is quite intense. Hoya Australis is very easy to grow, especially in areas with moderate heat. In case your areas are cold with low humidity, I don’t recommend this type.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#4. Hoya Bella

When you look for beautiful Hoya varieties, Hoya Bella will pop up. Its name literally means beautiful, and this is also the reason why it is so popular. This species has copious leaves of dark green color while the gorgeous white flowers shine. Being graceful and pretty is one thing, and the easy maintenance is another thing that I like about this Hoya. You can have it for ornamental purposes anywhere you like, and it also smells good too.

Image Source: reddit.com

#5. Hoya Brevialata

Many Hoya varieties are perfect to have in hanging baskets, and this is one of those. So leafy, a Hoya Brevialata has small leaves of vibrant green color that look extraordinary every time. It is quite compact so that it does not take up too much space in the room at all. Hoya Brevialata is a tender perennial that you can easily grow and add to your plant collection at home. Just keep it in areas with bright and dappled sunlight along with regular watering, and you are good to go.

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#6. Hoya Burtoniae

Not everyone finds Hoya Burtoniae attractive due to the flat clusters of the flowers. Despite being flat, the fuzzy rose-red color with a reddish crown of the flowers is so pretty. It is nice to look at because of its velvety foliage of dull green color and cupped lower surface. On top of that, it has a honey-like and sweet fragrance that is very pleasant and rich to smell. So if you like this scent, you should totally grow one or two of these.

Image Source: imgur.com

#7. Hoya Callistophylla

Clusters of tiny flowers and thick leaves are the main things that make Hoya Callistophylla stand out from the others. The contrast and details on the leaves are stunning, and the entire look is super unique as well. This is a gorgeous evergreen succulent climber that looks perfect in any indoor setting. More than that, it produces blooms with a beautiful fragrance that is so pleasant to smell. Hoya Callistophylla is easy to care for and hardy, and you will surely love it.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#8. Hoya Carnosa

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For those who like clustered flowers, then Hoya Carnosa is the variety that you should go for. The flowers of this plant are baby pink, while the centers of the flowers are burgundy in color. It is pretty and unique because its appearance resembles an upside-down umbrella which is super gorgeous to look at. Along with the beautiful flowers, the leaves of the plant are also one of a kind. They are dark green and glossy with an oval shape, and the vining growth makes this plant even more interesting.

Image Source: en.wikipedia.org

#9. Hoya Caudata

Native in Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia and Thailand, a Hoya Caudata rather has a snowy look instead. This Hoya variety is a rampant climbing vine that you can easily notice with its fascinating appearance. It has soft pink flowers along with long hairs along the edges, which are super rare among this species. More than that, its coronas are reddish in color, with some of them sticking out from the center. It could be a little needy when it comes to maintenance, but it is among the most gorgeous Hoya varieties out there.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#10. Hoya Compacta

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A Hoya Compacta is a twining plant with large green leaves that are curly with large umbels of flowers. The colors of the flowers are either pink or white with a waxy texture, so unique to look at. This Hoya variety is perfect to have for hanging pots or ledges due to its eye-catching beauty. At the same time, it also looks great if you arrange several pots of them on the balcony or patio.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#11. Hoya Coronaria

Similar to many Hoya varieties out there, this one also has reddish-pink star-shaped flowers emerging from the thick green stems. Hoya Curtisii is a climber, among some of the most unique types of Hoya to grow at home. Besides being an ornamental indoor plant, it also serves as medicine for local people in some Southeast Asian countries. This compact Hoya variety is so nice, and maybe you will find it interesting too.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#12. Hoya Cumingiana

Looking like stars, the flowers of Hoya Cumingiana are so attractive and unique to look at. This is another unique variety of Hoya due to its flower and leaf structures. The flowers of Hoya Cumingiana are showy and waxy, with awesome contrasting colors that make them stand out completely. If you take a look at the broadly and oval to rounded leaves, they are so close to the stem. This shrub-like vining epiphytic plant is vigorous and easy to grow, so having one of them is simply nice.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#13. Hoya Curtisii

Having a small space but still want to grow a Hoya plant? Hoya Curtisii is at your service with its compact size yet excellent beauty that you will love. This variety has tiny leaves with the shape of a spade along with silvery variegation when provided with proper light. It is a vining type, and it looks absolutely perfect in a hanging basket when all those leaves fall down. The flowers that bloom are gorgeous pink in the middle with white color on the outside. It is so pretty, and you should definitely get them.

Image Source: flickr.com

#14. Hoya Davidcummingii

As one of the most distinctive Hoya varieties, Hoya Davidcummingii is a small climbing perennial plant with an attractive appearance. It has rose-red or salmon-pink flowers with nice fragrance with yellow centers along with small lanceolate foliage. As for the leaves, the old ones are hairless while the new ones are purplish in tones. Hoya Davidcummingii usually starts blooming at an early age, and it produces flowers throughout the year.

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#15. Hoya Diversifolia

Big flower clusters and hairy fleshy leaves are the distinctive characters of Hoya Diversifolia. Each pale pink cluster consists of 20 upright flowers with dark pink crowns in the center. It is quite unique because it is an epiphytic climber that often forms a dense covering on tree branches. On top of the beauty, it also serves medical purposes as the plant is used for Malay folk medicine. At the same time, the decoction is for hot baths to treat fevers and rheumatism which is so useful.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#16. Hoya Excavata

Trailing plants are always pretty to have outdoors, and Hoya Excavata is no exception. This one has dark green leaves with bright pink and waxy flowers emerging in clusters. As climbers, they can grow to a certain height to show off their blooms and leaves. The best part is that their flowers are rich in nectar that smells like vanilla which is extremely incredible. This variety is easy to grow and care for, and its appearance and scent are the most fascinating traits.

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#17. Hoya Finlaysonii

Both the flowers and leaves of Hoya Finlaysonii are uniquely attractive, and they look so great together. The leaf blades of the plants are thick with a contrasting light green color and prominent deep emerald green veins. You can clearly see those veins and the green leaf edges that make the entire foliage stands out. Along with that, the flower clusters are compact balls of creamy and waxy white flowers. With everything, this is among the best Hoya varieties out there to have at home.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#18. Hoya Fitchii

Slender stems with medium-sized leaves and blooms are among the things that make Hoya Fitchii different. Those little flowers are glossy light pink with darker pink tips and a yellow center. Another thing to know is that the blooms of this plant can show a wide range of color variations. These include shades of pearlescent pinks to oranges, yellow, and more. The entire plant is actually compact but it does climb a little so make sure to provide it with support.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#19. Hoya Globulosa

The snowy appearance of the flowers that Hoya Globulosa blooms makes it so beautiful and unique. This houseplant has elongated leaves of light green color with dark green veins that you can clearly see. Sprouting from the stems of those leaves are fuzzy, thick, and white flowers with a pink center. Some people said that taking care of this beauty is a little challenging, and yellow leaves indicate its unhealthiness. You might want to do a lot of research if you want to grow Hoya Globulosa, but it is so worth it.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#20. Hoya Imbricata

One of the reasons that make Hoya Imbricata different from other Hoya varieties is the way its new leaves grow. The new leaves of this plant cover the edge of the last leaf, creating the overlapping effect. If you take a look at the flowers, you can see that they have fuzzy and yellowish corolla. It looks pretty nice, but it has the reputation of attracting ants. To grow one, provide it with bright but diffuse light, humid conditions, and warm temperatures.

Image Source: plantophiles.com

#21. Hoya Imperialis

So neat and pretty, Hoya Imperialis is a climbing type that has elongated fleshy leaves of green color. The best part is that there are 8 flowers of brownish-red to pink in colors that group together in umbels. Along with that, its petals are cupped with acute pointy tips as if it tries to protect the corona. Just like other plant enthusiasts, I am fond of its bold colors and look. It is native to Borneo, but you can also order them from other parts of the world as well.

Image Source: flickr.com

#22. Hoya Incrassata

If you look for beautiful Hoya varieties that are easy to grow, take a look at this Hoya Incrassata here. This species has leathery, long, thick, and wide pinnate veins along with waxy flowers. As you can see, the flowers are waxy, while the corolla is bronze with a rich yellow crown. What you don’t know is that the fragrance of the flowers is both sharp and spicy, which is absolutely unique. You should definitely try this one if the appearance and scent that it gives get your attention.

Image Source: flickr.com

#23. Hoya Ignorata

Large leaves are pretty, especially when the flowers are sitting inside them like this. Hoya Ignorata has large, thin, and light green leaves with some brown markings that look different from other Hoya varieties out there. Along with that, there are around 10 flowers forming a small cluster with a yellow corona in the center. Hoya Ignorata is perfect as garden plants and indoor plants, and they make amazing complements to your house.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#24. Hoya Kenejiana

As a tropical plant, Hoya Kenejiana thrives in a warm and bright room with temperate climates. With proper light, this Hoya variety can produce clusters of star-shaped flowers of buttery yellow with pink undertones in colder months. The best part is that the flowers tend to emit a high scent which is a total plus. More than that, this evergreen climber has attractive foliage of around 25 clusters in total. Looking so pretty almost all year long, no doubt why it is so popular to grow.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#25. Hoya Kentiana

When it comes to beautiful Hoya varieties, Hoya Kentiana definitely stays among the top choices on the list. By the look, you can tell that this plant is very cool and gorgeous to have pretty much anywhere you like. The skinny leaves support and let the clusters of dark pink to burgundy flowers shine with extraordinary contrast. If you want the flowers to grow, even more, all you need to do is provide them with bright light. Add some thorough watering, and you can stimulate the flowers of this plant in no time.

Image Source: vermonthoyas.com

#26. Hoya Kerrii

Also goes by the other names of sweetheart or valentine, Hoya Kerrii is an interesting plant to have at home. The awesome thing about it is that its leaves are heart-shaped and succulent with a very thick width. Hoya Kerrii has more different varieties, and some of them have visible veins while the others don’t. So no matter if you prefer vein or velvet touches, this plant is available in them all for you. Plus, with the varieties of colors and sizes, this is one of the most attractive plants to consider.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#27. Hoya Krimson Queen

Queen indeed, the variegated green and pinkish-white leaves of this Hoya variety are among its most outstanding features. You can grow it in a pot, and the beautiful green leaves can already adorn and complement your room. And when the flowers begin to bloom, it elevates the aesthetics and mood of the place even more. To grow Hoya Krimson Queen, you need to provide it with high humidity and moderate temperature.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#28. Hoya Krohniana

Small and wonderful, Hoya Krohniana is a rare variety with compact heart-shaped leaves that looks great at home. While being small, it can also produce upright umbels of creamy white fuzzy flowers as well. On top of that, the flowers have a sweet fragrance that gets stronger at night. You can grow them either hanging baskets or pots, and they bloom several times a year for you.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#29. Hoya Lacunosa “Eskimo”

In case you look for small basket plants that bloom, Hoya Lacunosa Eskimo is the variety that you should go for. This compact plant has stunning foliage and flowers that appear on and off all year round. More than that, the flowers of Hoya Lacunosa Eskimo have a sweet scent which makes it even better to have. Plus, with the small deep green leaves, this variety is one of a kind to grow. From hanging baskets to tabletop pots, Hoya Lacunosa Eskimo is ideal for them all.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#30. Hoya Latifolia

Native to Singapore, this gorgeous Hoya variety is one of a brilliant kind to have. The clusters of light pink flowers are so incredible and magnificent to look at. Each flower is star-shaped, and the blooms can last for several days, which is so beautiful. You can place Hoya Latifolia in a spot with indirect light or semi-shade, and their ornamental flowers will flourish.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#31. Hoya Lauterbachii

By the look, you can already sense the thickness of the leaves; but there are more. One bloom of this species is large, and each plant has up to 7 clusters of flowers. Those star-shaped flowers are reddish-coppery with a creamy center as well as a pleasant chocolate candy scent. The best part is the fuzzy green leaves with vibrant colors that you will love. As climbers, they will need some support, so make sure to provide these plants with trellis and some room to grow.

Image Source: plantophiles.com

#32. Hoya Leytensis

So compact and tiny, Hoya Leytensis are super adorable to have at home, office, and pretty much anywhere. It is a rare trailing wax vine plant that loves bright indirect light which simple maintenance that you can easily care for. Hoya Leytensis has pendant flowers of different colors, such as dark yellowish or dull yellowish. They are slow-growing, but they are great to have in different spaces, and they look really refreshing.

Image Source: facebook.com

#33. Hoya Linearis

Some people call this one Hanging Hoya due to the common spot that it looks and grows best. Because this variety enjoys a lot of lights, high humidity, and regular watering, it is perfect for balconies, patios, etc. When it receives sufficient light, it grows beautifully, but the flowers only appear every two years. The flowers resemble delicate and gentle white stars, and they only last around 2 weeks. It is still gorgeous even without the flowers, making it a nice Hoya plant to have.

Image Source: orchids-shop.com

#34. Hoya Litoralis

No matter if you prefer growing it in a hanging basket or a pot, Hoya Litoralis is ideal for them all. It is a climbing variety, with glabrous, leathery, light green, and thick leaves that weigh down the vines. The flowers of this Hoya plant are in clusters, hanging down from its long stalks that look so unique. All flowers are reddish-brown with dark coronas, and they have a rich sweet honey fragrance which is quite attractive.

Image Source: craftedidentity.com

#35. Hoya Loyceandrewsiana

Hoya Loyceandrewsiana can produce up to 70 or more flowers in an umbel, and it can stay in buds for weeks. The special part is that when they open, they all do it at once, which is absolutely striking to see. All flowers are creamy-white and hairless, and they have a sweet scent that makes the atmosphere pleasant and relaxing. Another cool part is the extremely large leaves that this variety has. The leaves are deep green, glossy, leathery, and thick, and they are around 6 inches long and wide. With plenty of lights, the blooms will surprise you with their undeniable beauty.

Image Source: commons.wikimedia.org

#36. Hoya Macgillivrayi

While the leaves of the younger plants are copper in color, the mature ones have dark green leaves instead. The leaves are heart-shaped, and they are 5 centimeters wide and 10 centimeters long. As for the flowers, they are pendent and waxy with lighter purple color in the center with darker purple edges. This incredible combination gives off the bold and vampiness vibes, making this Hoya variety one of a unique kind.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#37. Hoya Macgregorii

Large clusters of flowers are ravishing, and this is why Hoya Macgregorii is among the best Hoya types to have. In one umbel, there could be up to 100 flowers in total which is super incredible. As for the leaves, they are either elliptic or round with dark green color. Those leaves are hairless and wax-like, and the entire plant has a sharp scent that many find pleasant. Bear in mind that it is going to grow long, so make sure you have a large space for them.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#38. Hoya Macrophylla

The definition of elegance is quite easy to describe when you look at this Hoya Macrophylla plant right here. It has fleshy, long, and lamina ovate leaves that are hairless and pale green. The special part is the numerous inflorescence of reddish-white or violet that are also hairless. Not to mention the white corona and pink or white center, this Hoya plant is so worth getting.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#39. Hoya Mathilde

I honestly can’t get enough of Hoya varieties with compact size and tiny leaves. This is why looking at this Hoya Mathilde is a great mood booster. Are you with me? As you can see, this plant has round leaves of vivid green color that can brighten up any room. The fact that it emits a lovely fragrance from its flower clusters makes this Hoya plant even more attractive. Hoya Mathilde is perfect as both a houseplant and a gift, and it is just attractive to look at.

Image Source: reddit.com

#40. Hoya Megalaster

The name says a lot about this plant, the large and distinctive flowers make this plant so unique to look at. Not to mention the deep green foliage, this variety looks so nice to have both indoor and outdoor. Speaking of outdoor, you can actually have it out since it also seeks additional light for proper growth. If you have wire trellis, please train Hoya Megalaster to climb because it looks best that way. It requires quite a lot of attention, and it will die without proper care.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#41. Hoya Memoria

Tiny flowers are super gorgeous, especially when they look like this. Those magnificent blooms say it all, and the clusters of burgundy flowers are absolutely the best. Not to mention the caramel smell and appealing thin leaves, Hoya Memoria is perfect as an indoor plant. Moreover, it has a climbing nature that can fill a large space with its succulent leaves of different colors. It is also one of the Hoya varieties that are easy to care for, with a bright spot and proper watering.

Image Source: vermonthoyas.com

#42. Hoya Meredithii

Things are all about foliage and leaves when it comes to Hoya Meredithii, and you can clearly see why. This awesome plant has light green leaves of incredible details with its distinctive dark green venation. The leaves are large, and they have sharp serrated edges that look somewhat bold and bright. The flowers are also nice, although they last for only around 5 days or so. There are up to 35 flowers per umbel, all of which are shiny gold in color with pale lemon corona. It loves water, so make sure to give plenty of that for happy and healthy growth.

Image Source: flickriver.com

#43. Hoya Merrillii

The stars of Hoya Merrillii are actually the red leaves of the plants, but the umbels are pretty too. You can easily achieve those gorgeous leaves by just providing the plants with high light daily. LED lights or sunlight will both do, and the details of their leaves are magnificent. As for the flowers, they are creamy-white with a white corona, and they are a little fuzzy as well. Easy care and maintenance, along with incredible beauty, this could be the one for you.

Image Source: vermonthoyas.com

#44. Hoya Mindorensis

Not different from other Hoya varieties, this one also has a super eye-catching appearance at first glance. The stems of this variety are trailing, while the leaves are green and fleshy. However, the best part is the flowers that are variable in colors. Usually, Hoya Mindorensis have fuzzy white and waxy flowers with a red sharp central crown. At the same time, the flower edges have tinges of yellow, which somehow resembles a pretty beehive.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#45. Hoya Multiflora Albomarginata

A shrubby and upright plant is very nice to have in a number of settings, making this variety great to consider. The leaves of Hoya Multiflora Albomarginata are flecked green with butter-yellow margins around that create a distinctive look to them. On top of the leaves, the flowers of this Hoya variety are also very pretty as well. With rocket-shaped reflexed shapes and light-yellow with white tips, you’ll never get tired of looking at them.

Image Source: etsy.com

#46. Hoya Neocaledonica

In case you don’t like the scent of flowers, then Hoya Neocaledonica is the variety that matches your preference. Although without any fragrance, it is still amazing to have due to its beauty and longevity. At the same time, it is also very easy to keep due to its compact size that saves space. The flowers are beautiful, with the white color along with roundish green leaves that adorn the entire plant. Caring for this type is moderate, but man, those glossy and vibrant green leaves are so gorgeous.

Image Source: vermonthoyas.com

#47. Hoya Obovata

At first, Hoya Obovata is leafless, but it is a climber, so you will see its fleshy and thick round leaves in no time. The leaves of this plant do not have any veins, but the entire plant looks absolutely magnificent. Its leaves are medium green in color with flecks of pink and white that match perfectly with the flowers. Speaking of flowers, you will get up to 30 fuzzy light pink to white flowers and a carmine center with sufficient light. Since it is a climber, you can use cedar trellis, redwood, or wire tomato cages to help it climb on.

Image Source: instagram.com

#48. Hoya Obscura

At a glance, the flowers of Hoya Obscura look almost like some sort of tasty dessert. It is quite popular due to the glossy and uniquely shaped leaves that this plant comes with. More than that, they have these prominent veins that come in different sizes but always with the same shape. Another fascinating thing about this plant is that the thick young leaves will grow larger and thinner as they mature. At the same time, the color will change from deep green to lighter green from time to time. Plus, with the flat and fuzzy pinkish fluffy balls of flowers with gorgeous fragrance, Hoya Obscura is one of a kind.

Image Source: plantophiles.com

#49. Hoya Odetteae

Elongated and thin leaves with green color make Hoya Odetteae appear like a succulent while it is actually among Hoya varieties. It is a trailing plant that can thrive in the most unfavorable conditions throughout the year, even the tough ones. As a slow-growing plant, caring and maintenance are also fairly simple with this type of Hoya. If you like its green color and original beauty, Hoya Odetteae is perfect for both indoor and outdoor growing.

Image Source: etsy.com

#50. Hoya Odorata

Hoya Odorata is one of the most cheerful and graceful Hoya varieties to have either indoors or outdoors. It has these non-twining shrubs with white flowers of beautiful fragrance that you will love. Not to mention the small green leaves and pretty white blooms. This one is absolutely gorgeous in any room. The best part is that it is easy to grow and care for, and it is also very tough as well. I highly recommend Hoya Odorata, and Plantophiles has everything you need to know about caring for them.

mage Source: pinterest.com

#51. Hoya Pachyclada

A number of Hoya varieties are shrub, and so is this one. It has large and thick olive-green leaves along with umbel flowers of white color with white crowns. Hoya Pachyclada is a slow-growing plant, but it has a strong fragrance that resembles cinnamon or a floral scent. The scent of the flower is pleasantly powerful, especially during the nighttime.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#52. Hoya Papaschonii

Hoya Papaschonii is super different from all Hoya varieties out there because its flowers are produced only once. The flowers of the plants are cream or white with an enveloping corona that is waxy and white. A majority are fond of its peculiar coronas, but this plant is so gorgeous and refreshing to look at overall.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#53. Hoya Pauciflora

There are times when the suitable places to grow your plants are shady areas. This is why there should be a perfect plant that can thrive in this type of condition. Hoya Pauciflora is a unique variety that prefers growing in spots with high humidity and subdued light. Despite the lack of bright light, this plant still shows off its beauty via its deep green and rigid foliage. The best part is the fuzzy and sparkling white flowers with a deep raspberry red crown in the center. Looking so graceful, this is one of the best Hoya varieties to take into consideration.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#54. Hoya Paziae

White flowers are so graceful to look at, and Hoya Paziae says it all. This bushy Hoya variety is one of the best plants to have in hanging baskets due to its appearance. The green leaves are lacy and thin, and the white flowers bloom beautifully in the autumn months. Also, it makes a nice plant to have if you like to grow just an attractive foliage plant alone. Hoya Paziae looks amazing on its own, and it is also easy to care for.

Image Source: vermonthoyas.com

#55. Hoya Picta

Amongst many awesome indoor Hoya varieties, Hoya Picta makes a great option to add to the collection. It has colorful foliage due to the combination of cream, green, light yellowish-green, and pink sequenced, looking different on every leaf. The main beauty is the pink fuzzy flower clusters as well as white corona with a purple-red center. Could take a while for it to bloom, but it will when you provide this Hoya plant with sufficient fertilizer, light, and water.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#56. Hoya Polyneura

Because the plant is a little heavy, the long branches of Hoya Polyneura tend to bend down as it grows. The leaves of the plant are light to medium green, and they have very clear venation that resembles fish tails. Gorgeous leaves are one thing, but the coloration of the flowers is another thing to pay attention to. Its flowers are cream to white in color with red-purple stars in the center. The contrast of these two colors makes the flowers stand out beautifully no matter what angle you look from.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#57. Hoya Pubicalyx

One of the best things about Hoya Publicalyx is that the colors change from its young to mature stages. As a young plant, it exhibits tinges of purple of its glossy and lush foliage. Sometimes the color can be splashes of maroon, pink, or even silver which is very pretty. The moment the buds open, the colors will surprise you with anything among baby pink, bright rose, or deep pink. Sometimes the color can be so dark it is either dark brown or almost black which is so nice to look at.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#58. Hoya Purpureofusca

A Hoya Purpureofusca has clusters of dark pink to purple waxy flowers with a beautiful fragrance. The flowers look so attractive, and this plant simply looks great in a hanging basket. This Hoya type has long, thick, and waxy leaves with dark green color and silver speckles. It is easy to grow, although it may need plenty of room to expand its leaves. Another thing to know is that it contains latex which irritates the skin so keep it from animals and children.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#59. Hoya Retusa

Retusa came from the word retuse, meaning rounded leaf which perfectly describes this Hoya variety. Hoya Retusa is native to Eastern Himalayas and India, and it is an epiphytic plant. This plant grows in a trailing habit with succulent foliage of chubby and white flowers. In the middle of each flower is a maroon star that stands out completely. As long as you keep this plant in lower temperatures, it will keep producing flowers for you.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#60. Hoya Serpens

Quite exotic and rare, Hoya Serpens is a species that looks so comforting and elegant at the same time. This plant has green flowers of around 12mm wide, and you can see tiny hairs covering it if you look closely. The tiny hairs of the flowers simply give the soft and soothing effect, which is super attractive to have. All it needs to thrive are some dappled sunlight, room temperature, and well-drained soil, simple as that.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#61. Hoya Sheperdii

There are so many ways to talk about beautiful Hoya varieties, and this one shows everything at a glance. Hoya Sheperdii has dark green and glossy leaves with large flowers and upright corona. The nice part about the flowers is that they are adorable fuzzy balls that have a reddish center. On top of that, the corolla protects the corona with ts sharp and pointy tips that cup to shelter the corona. Both the color and look are absolutely stunning, and it is also easy to grow.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#62. Hoya Siamica

Found in Thailand, Hoya Siamica is a Hoya plant with long light green leaves and gorgeous flowers. The flowers are fuzzy, and they have a slight scent that is quite pleasant to be around. However, the flowers of Hoya Siamica last for only about one week, which is why it is not so popular. It is nice because of the unique leaf structure that it has that matches the preferences of some plant collectors out there.

Image Source: species.wikimedia.org

#63. Hoya Sigillatis

Glossy flowers are beautiful, and Hoya Sigillatis has just that for you. It is a vining epiphytic plant with an inflorescence made up of multiple flowers in a big cluster. The fuzzy, glossy, and waxy flowers are star-shaped in orange color with yellow centers. My favorite part is the heavily scented sweet fragrance that its flowers deliver. I would say taking care of this variety is a little challenging but not too difficult. You need to regularly provide it with sufficient humidity, light, and water. Make sure to keep it in a certain spot, don’t move it around too much.

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#64. Hoya Skinneriana

At a glance, the color of Hoya Skinneriana resembles very closely to Sakura flowers or cherry blossoms of Japan. The umbel of this Hoya variety is huge, and its flowers are also larger than some Hoya varieties out there. There are around 20 flowers or even in each cluster which is so lovely. Along with the flowers, it has oval and vibrant leaves that are robust on rambling vines. This one is easy to grow, and it does not require a lot of attention at all.

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#65. Hoya Spartioides

The strange plant is one suitable word to describe the first growth stage of this Hoya variety. Hoya Spartioides is made up entirely of peduncles with tiny leaves that almost never make an appearance at all. Even if they do appear, those leaves won’t be around for too long. This leafless shrub-like Hoya species also have small flowers with orange-yellow corolla and cream or white corona. The great thing about this one is that it has great adaptations to grow in environments with poor nutrients.

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#66. Hoya Subcalva

The flowers of a Hoya Subcalva smell fruity, similar to grapes or grapefruits which is one of its distinctive traits. Another interesting thing is the elongated leaves of the plants with clearly visible veins that you can see the details. Some don’t find the leaves attractive, while others love this unique look. Plus, with the light to dark pink flowers, Hoya Subcalva is actually pretty nice. However, it is easy to care for as long as you provide it with proper fertilizer, light, and water.

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#67. Hoya Sunrise

Elegant and lovely, Hoya Sunrise has dark green leaves with red flecks and visible vines. Keep it in a small pot somewhere on the tabletop or near the window, and it will brighten up the room. Hoya Sunrise is a climbing cultivar of medium size, and it reacts significantly to sun-stressing. Just like the name suggests, it enjoys the sun and will produce a rich purple shade with sufficient light. The shades are also the same with new leaves, and it is super beautiful to have. Plus, with the fact that it is easy to care for, Hoya Sunrise is so delightful to grow.

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#68. Hoya Undulata

Got its name from the undulate leaf margins, Hoya Undulata is a very attractive Hoya species to have. It has star-shaped flowers of creamy color with light rose under tones. Both the coronas and the flowers look so good together, creating a very pleasant appearance to see. The leaves of Hoya Undulata are light green to purple, and they have very few flecks. Growing this one can be challenging, but it is worth it when the plant finally starts to flourish.

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#69. Hoya Vitellina

The Hoya Vitellina has flowers that look almost like fruits, and it is quite extraordinary to have and look at. Its leaves are fleshy, hairless, and thick with an acute or rounded shape. As for the clusters, there are so many flowers of yolk color that are also hairless and shiny. This is one of the must-have Hoya varieties for Hoya collectors out there, so don’t forget to check it out.

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#70. Hoya Wayetii

And finally, we have Hoya Wayetii, a very pretty variety of Hoya plants with striking beauty. It has long and narrow leaves with deep green color and a hard surface. As for the flowers, they are dark red in color with a deep honey fragrance. The combination of the look and scent makes this Hoya plant one of the best varieties to have at home. It looks great and smells greats, and is perfect for growing as a mood booster.

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Hoya Care Guide & Tips

It is true that all Hoya varieties have different needs and requirements to flourish and grow. However, a majority of them thrive when you provide them with certain care. The tips below are what you have to give them so that your Hoya plants are healthy. Take a look and see what they are with me below.


Hoya plants love fertilizer, and the best type for them is a liquid fertilizer that you can spray once a month. This monthly feeding is advisable during their growing period, which is during spring and summer. You may reduce or stop adding fertilizer when cold weather approaches in fall and winter. Too much fertilizer can actually affect these plants, so don’t overfeed them.

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Just like most indoor plants out there, Hoya plants also thrive in areas with bright indirect sunlight. The perfect spot to place them is somewhere near the window so that the light is sufficient. In case you want to grow some vining varieties in hanging baskets, look for a place with both light and shade. Too less and too much sunlight are both bad for them, so make sure to pick the right spot.

On top of the light, you should want to keep your Hoya plants in a place with an appropriate temperature. A majority of Hoya varieties are either semi-tropical or tropical plants, so there should be proper warmth. Never leave them in a place where the temperatures are below 59 degrees Fahrenheit because these plants won’t survive.


When spring or summer comes, get your sharp scissors or shears ready because it is time to propagate Hoya plants. Cut around 4 to 6 inches, and make sure there are at least 2 leaves or 6 at most on the stem. A cutting from a healthy plant during this time promotes fast growth and healthy root development. You can either propagate a Hoya plant in a pot or water, depending on your preference or type of Hoya plant. JoyUsGarden provides up to 4 ways to propagate a Hoya plant, so feel free to take a look.



For the climbing and vining varieties, Hoya plants can be large, leggy, and unwieldy, so pruning is essential. The first thing to cut when you want to prune them is the dead brown stems. This is to remove the old and unattractive parts and make room for fresh parts to grow. You may also need to prune the trails that are too long or too close to the floor. Make sure to use clean and sterile pruners or scissors for a neat and safe cut.


Repotting is not quite necessary with Hoya plants unless they become rootbound which can take a few years. If this is the case, pick a pot that is one size larger than the current one it is in. Fill in the new pot with fresh soil that has a nice and rich mix for them. The best time to repot a Hoya plant is during their growing seasons which are early spring to early summer.

Gently remove them from the old pot and place them in the new one, then fill the soil on top. Water thoroughly, and wait until the top soil dries before you water it again. For more details regarding the repotting process, check out the video from JoyUsGarden here.


As hardy plants, most Hoya varieties are not picky when it comes to soil. You can grow them in a potting medium like ready-made mixes that consists of ground bark, peat moss, and perlite. This is to ensure aeration and proper ventilation so that they can grow healthily. The important part is to make sure that the soil is not too damp or soggy to avoid root rot.


When it comes to watering, the process is rather easy and simple with Hoya plants. All you need to do is thoroughly water the soil, and avoid doing it from the top. Use water at a room temperature and make sure it does not have chlorine and other chemical substances. Wait for the water to dry out from the top surfaces before you let it drink again. Water more frequently during hotter days and months, and reduce watering sessions during colder temperatures.

Depending on the varieties, some Hoya plants prefer moisture while others like to grow in dry soil. So make sure to do your research and see what your Hoya plants need for the best and healthiest growth.

Wrap Up

So many Hoya varieties that you have seen above, and I am certain that you have found some. Hoya plants are pretty convenient to care for, and they will bloom their hearts out for you with proper care. There is a Hoya for every condition and environment of your living areas, so picking one is an easy task. This is all from me, and feel free to shoot your questions if there are any.