5 Best Ultimate Frisbee Discs Review & Buying Guide

Ultimate frisbee is fun and unique because it is a non-contact sport that several players can play on each side. With an ultimate frisbee disc, players in each team can compete and score for as long as they like. The awesome thing about ultimate frisbee is that players of all ages can work out while having great fun. Ultimate frisbee is not only enjoyable but also beneficial to the health, especially cardiovascular health. Below are some of the best ultimate frisbee discs along with some buying tips that are helpful for you.

The List of Best Ultimate Frisbee Discs

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Detailed Reviews of Top Frisbee Discs

#5. Standard Ultimate Frisbee Disc Set

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By: Generies

One of the things that you have to have in mind when choosing an ultimate frisbee disc is the quality. This is why I want to recommend this option because it comes with amazing quality along with style. The disc is made from high-quality premium plastic that is not only durable but also standard for the game. In fact, it meets both the environmental protection requirements and CE EN71 RoHs certification. The disc flies over 400 feet, and it is very easy for the hand to grip and throw. You can trust that this ultimate frisbee disc is convenient to play for both beginners and pros out there.

On top of that, the unique design of this ultimate frisbee disc allows you to easily catch and toss also. It does cause fatigue or pain upon throwing, and its flight is extremely stable and straight. The special part is the non-slip stripes on the disc to ensure a firm grip every time. I also like the fact that this frisbee disc changes color when the sunlight hits. It is a nice extra feature, and it looks quite cool in the air when you throw it. It comes in a set that includes a storage bag and some cool stickers, and the price is also inexpensive. White is a common color, but there are a few other options available as well so check them out.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Firm and non-slip grip
  • Stable and straight flight
  • Easy to catch, throw, and toss
  • Durable and lightweight premium plastic
  • Meet quality and safety standard requirements

#4. Ultra-Star Ultimate Frisbee Disc Pack

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By: Discraft

When it comes to the best frisbee disc brands that you can trust, Discraft is one of them. And this ultimate frisbee disc right here is the perfect example to prove their decades of reputation. The amazing feature that this disc comes with this the aerodynamic engineering to ensure the best performance possible for you. Once you throw it, the disc flies smoothly and stably in the air without wobbling, even if it is windy. This is an incredible feature because it makes the game more fair despite the weather conditions in your area.

Another thing that I personally find interesting is the contoured grip design that the disc provides. This design allows players to conveniently and easily grip the disc then throw with great force, without wearing gloves. It fits nicely in hand without hurting your palm at all, making the throw even more consistent each time. The combination of its design and quality allows players to play it pretty much anywhere. From the beach to the park and more, this ultimate frisbee disc is ideal for them all. This one comes in a pack of 6, and there are 5 different colors you can choose from.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Easy to catch, throw, and toss
  • Durable, lightweight, and solid
  • Aerodynamic design with a contoured grip
  • Reflective top for easy spotting on the ground
  • Consistent and stable flight in all outdoor conditions

#3. Heavyweight Kahuna Ultimate Frisbee Disc

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By: Innova

Here we have one of the best ultimate frisbee discs with high quality at an affordable price that you will like. This frisbee disc comes with the perfect size of 23.5 centimeters across which is big and tough for the best throwing experience. Along with that, it is also a heavyweight model that weighs 200 grams to ensure a steady and stable flight. That way, no high or strong winds can cause to change direction or wobble in the air at all. When the disc flies perfectly, the scoring and winning will also be accurate and fair for all players in the game.

This is not all. It is one of the biggest and heaviest ultimate frisbee discs on the market now. A hardcore player definitely loves this because this disc just takes his game to the next level. Because of its size and weight, even light rain can’t change its flying speed. The design on the disc is also quite nice. The unique tribal printing that you see here looks absolutely dope. There are so many colors available, along with a few different printings that you may light. Don’t forget to take a look! This is a great ultimate frisbee disc that you will not regret buying.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Stable and sturdy flight
  • Comfortable and firm grip
  • Durable and heavyweight design
  • Smooth catch and throw at a long distance
  • Ability to withstand light rain and strong winds

#2. Frisbee Disc With LED Flashlight

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By: Nite Ize

Ultimate frisbee discs do exist, and now you can still play even if the day gets dark. The special thing about this disc is that it comes with built-in LED lights that are very bright in the dark. There is a button that you can push to turn the light on or off which is so convenient. Once you turn it on, the light illuminates the disc from all angles. Also, its batteries last up to 20 hours and you can always replace them when the batteries die. In case you wonder, this LED ultimate frisbee disc is water-resistant, so drizzle or light rain can’t harm its lights.

Along with the stylish LED light, this ultimate frisbee disc is also durable and lightweight. You can easily throw it, and the disc flies nicely and steadily at a long distance. This frisbee disc is long, 10.5 inches in size, and it weighs only 185 grams which is easy to throw. There are 5 color options that this ultimate frisbee disc comes with, and this one has a disco light. You can also choose a solid color like blue, green, or red. They are bright in the dark as well. Thousands of users love its performance, and maybe you will like it too.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Balanced, long, and straight flight
  • Compact, float, and water-resistant
  • Easy, solid, and well-balanced to throw
  • Durable and lightweight material design
  • Bright LED lights with a long battery life

#1. Ultra Star Ultimate Frisbee Disc

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By: Discraft

This is another high-quality ultimate frisbee disc from Discraft with a top-notch performance that you should take into consideration. It is actually one of the best-seller discs with great popularity among players due to the satisfying performance that it delivers. Thanks to the perfect size and weight, the disc flies stably in the air at a long-distance per throw. At the same time, it also maintains the release angle longer, which is perfect for both catching and throwing. With advanced aerodynamic engineering, both beginners and pros can achieve the right throw every single time.

Apart from those, the grip is also comfortable and firm, which makes each throw accurate and powerful for you. One more cool thing is that it does glow and light up when you throw it in the dark. Unlike the LED light disc above, it has a night glow and UV color changing so its light is not so bright. It is only bright enough for you to be able to locate and spot in the grass when it lands. There are also many other colors on the list, so feel free to check them out and pick your most favorite.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Standard quality and performance
  • Durable and lightweight premium plastic
  • Flight rings for comfortable and firm grip
  • Color changing and glowing light function
  • Consistent and stable flight in all weather conditions

2. Ultimate Frisbee Discs Buyer’s Guide

Image Source: pxfuel.com

Just because it is only a flying disc that you throw does not mean it is easy to buy. You want to make sure that you pick the best and the right ultimate frisbee disc for the game. This is why there are a few important factors to consider before you choose one. When you have all these in mind, selecting the perfect ultimate frisbee discs is going to be easy and fast.

2.1. Design

The design of the ultimate frisbee discs matters, which is why you should go for the ones that look good. Appearance matters and the right design also ensures a stable and steady flight when you throw it as well. Another thing that you should look for in the design is the Morrison slope on the disc. This slope offers aerodynamic force along with stability to maintain the steady flight when you throw the disc. The slope that offers a great flight balance should be less than 45 degrees. In case you play late in the evening, don’t forget to choose the discs with LED lights. They are bright enough for you to see as they fly and land on the ground for an easy retrieve.

2.2. Durability

Because you are going to throw the disc with your full strength every time, it is important that it is durable. Pick an ultimate frisbee disc that is strong and tough enough to withstand all the tear and wear resulting from throwing. Along with that, make sure that the materials of the disc are durable so that it won’t break easily. Avoid the cheap plastic discs because they break or chip easily which is a waste of money. I recommend getting an expensive disc that you can use for months instead of the cheaper ones that break after weeks.

Bear in mind that breaking or chipping discs do not fly well, which can also disrupt the flight. When that happens, the throw won’t be accurate which makes the game become annoying instantly. You don’t want that, and this is why durability and quality matter in the frisbee discs that you choose. Once the discs are durable and solid, the performance that they deliver is also long-lasting and satisfying. This is why you want to make sure that the discs that you buy is as durable as possible.

2.3. Grip

One of the most important things to look for in the design of the discs is the flight rings. These rings are above the edge of the disc, and their job is to ensure a firm grip when you hold the disc. The rings also help to provide the perfect grip in hand as you throw it or catch it. If the rings offer support for all fingers, you know its grip is the type that you should get. Look for discs that are neither too thick nor thin so that you can easily grab them when catching and tossing.

2.4. Gyroscopic Stability

A gyroscopic stability is the rotation or spinning motion that keeps the disc flying forward the moment you throw it. The best ultimate frisbee discs should possess this ability so that they can go for a longer distance without collapsing. This is why you should always look for the description for the gyroscopic stability of the disc when you buy one. That way, you can trust that the disc that you buy will fly with great balance and stability.

2.5. Size

You will come across ultimate frisbee discs of various size options that you can choose from. The standard size is 10.25 inches, but bigger or smaller discs are also available to match your preferences. This size is recommended because it is easy to throw, and it is ideal for most players out there. At the same time, it also helps to make the game more convenient and enjoyable to place. If the disc is too big or too small, tossing and catching can be quite challenging. It might sound weird, but you will understand what I mean when you actually play it.

2.6. USA Ultimate Approval

If the disc that you like comes with USA ultimate approval, you can trust that its quality is reliable. That is because not many ultimate frisbee discs out there meet the standards of the USA Ultimate. So if you come across the one that does meet the standards, don’t hesitate to get it. That option is clearly among the best ultimate frisbee discs with both performance and quality for you to play with.

2.7. Weight

The standard weight of an ultimate frisbee disc is 175 grams, but there are heavier and lighter options available. If you are a hardcore player, then you should definitely go for a heavy frisbee disc. It can withstand all the strong throws while remaining steady in the air for a long distance. Another great thing about heavy ultimate frisbee discs is that they remain stable even in strong winds. They can fly through different weather conditions to ensure all the fun in the game. As for beginners, a lighter option is the best choice that you should start with. It is easier for you to throw, and you won’t have to worry about pressure on your wrist when throwing at all.

3. How To Play Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate frisbee is a non-contact sport, so it is fun and safe for all players, even children. At the same time, this sport is actually very easy and simple to play. You can play it on an outdoor field or any open space in the neighborhood since it is very versatile. There are a few ground rules that players have to follow, so let’s take a look at them below.

  • Each team has 7 players, and there is an end zone for each team.
  • What the team has to do to score a point is catch the disc in the end zone of other teams.
  • The player is not allowed to move with the disc once they catch it. The player must keep one foot as a pivot point on the ground. Then there are 10 seconds on the clock for the player to throw the disc to their teammate.
  • The first team to score 15 points wins.
  • Once the defense takes the possession of the disc when it drops or goes out of bounds, they will become the offense immediately.
  • Players must avoid physical contact during the game, and screens or picks are also not allowed. If a player has a contact that affects the play, that is when a foul occurs. Then that player who causes a foul loses his possession of the disc.
  • The game has no referee so all players must resolve their own disputes along with the responsibility for their foul and line calls.
  • There is nothing to set which team starts first, so the easiest way is by a coin toss. Players can also use the game of rock, paper, scissors to determine the team that starts the first.

4. FAQs About Ultimate Frisbee:

4.1. How many throws are there in ultimate frisbee?

Generally, there are 3 common throws that are popular in the game of ultimate frisbee. Those include:

  • Backhand Throw: Requires the place of 4 fingers in the cup of the disc and bends his elbow before releasing. Once he releases and starts throwing, the disc will take off with a spin to the direction that he aims.
  • Forehead Throw: It goes by another name as “flick throw” which is an efficient yet quite problematic method. This throw type requires the player to use only his thumb and 2 fingers to throw the disc. When he throws, the disc will go just like the way a person skips flat rocks in the water.
  • Overhand Throw: Just like the name suggests, this throw is similar to the ax-throwing motion. The player tilts the top of the disc at an angle before throwing it. This throw is quite popular because it is easy for the player to control the range of the disc.

Besides these 3, there are also other frisbee throws that players use such as:

  • Blade Throw: This is a flat vertical throw that the player uses to get over a defender’s head. The player holds the disc the same as the forehand throw, and the player projects it up and forward to the ground.
  • Chicken Wing Throw: The grip and release are the same as the backhand throw, but the frisbee location differs. In this throw, the disc is on the side of the hip of the player instead of reaching across the body.
  • Duck Throw: Similar to the overhand throw, the player also uses 4 fingers and the thumb to hold the disc. However, the player rotates the disc in the opposite direction instead. The disc is thrown while it is pointing forward the thrower before whipping with the wrist and forearm. The duck and overhand throws are for a quick catch and release situation.
  • Scoober Throw: It is similar to the overhead throw but it is from a backhand stance. The release is flatter than the overhand but the flight path of these two styles are similar. This throw is for a short distance around 10 to 20 yards over a defender.

4.2. What skills do I need to play ultimate frisbee?

Whether it is for fun or for competitions, there are certain skills that you should have to excel in the ultimate frisbee. Some of the common skills that are quite important in this sport are:

  • Catching & Defending: These two are the important skills that help you and your team to win the game. Knowing how to catch and jump to catch allows you to save the team big time. At the same time, knowing how to defense also increases the winning chance for your team as well. With these two skills, you are going to be able to enjoy the game with many wins.
  • Endurance: “Ultimate” is the first name of the game for a reason, it is quite tough. This is why you want to make sure that you have the endurance skill to play the game. In ultimate frisbee, it is not just about long-running but also cutting, jumping, sprinting, and more. This is why you want to make sure that your cardio movement is suitable for all these activities. If you really want to play, you want to train yourself first so that you can handle all the movements.
  • Flexibility: This is a general skill that we should have in most games and sports that we play. You want to be very flexible, especially under pressure when you are in the game. If you lack this skill, you won’t be able to move accordingly which can be difficult to win.
  • Field Reading: Being flexible is one thing, knowing how to read the field is another skill you need. You want to be able to predict the movement of your opponent so that the throw is successful. Whether you are on defense or offense, knowing how to read the field is a total plus.
  • General Throwing: Don’t get me wrong, anyone can throw a disc but things are different with ultimate frisbee discs. In the game, it is not just a normal or regular throwing but it is a throw pass moving people. You want to make sure that each throw you make is successful so that you can score.

4.3. What are the benefits of playing ultimate frisbee?

Playing ultimate frisbee is an incredible exercise that everyone can enjoy. If it is a friendly competition for a health purpose, there are many things that you benefit from this sport. Some of the most common health benefits are:

  • Balance: from cutting and jumping to catch the disc
  • Cardiovascular exercise: from running that improves the heart health
  • Calories burning: playing ultimate frisbee for an hour can burn roughly 319 calories
  • Coordination: from the way you focus on the disc while playing the game
  • Overall health: from movements and sweating that you conduct during the game

Bottom Line

Ultimate frisbee is a real sport that works out your body really well, and it is also very popular. There are even leagues and official rules to play it as well, and ultimate frisbee is quite common out there. Once you get into it, you are going to find this sport very entertaining and fun. I totally support this game because it is also beneficial to the health with all the movements that you make. Not to mention that all you need is the best ultimate frisbee discs for dozens of players, it is fantastic.