30+ Dog Fence Ideas Perfect For Your Yard

All the dog fence ideas that you are about to see will help to keep your pooches safe in place. They are still able to hang around the house but within a safe distance from the busy street. You will find over 30 fencing ideas that you use for your doggo, and some are low cost dog fence plans. Let’s take a look and see which one among the dog fence ideas above is suitable for your furry buddies.

Idea #01: Aluminum Fence

Kills two birds with one stone; an aluminum fence provides both safety and security to your home. This material is not only durable and sturdy but also very long-lasting to have for long-term use. Along with that, it is also super tough, so you won’t have to worry about your dog chewing and damaging it. The best part is that you can find an aluminum fence online, which is so convenient and easy. It is one of the low cost dog fence plans that you should have at home, so don’t forget to check it out.

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Idea #02: Black Wire Fencing

If you think about cheap dog fence ideas, you should have this black wire fencing in mind. It is durable yet very easy to build, and it is also resistant to your doggo’s canine teeth. If you have a chewer at home, this is definitely among the cheapest fence for dogs since it is so tough. The installation process is also convenient and fast, and the large wood planks keep bigger dogs inside too. So rugged and sturdy, what do you think?

Image source: gardenista.com

Idea #03: Board Post & Rail Wood Fence

As for this one, it is more of a rural look due to the colorations and designs that it comes with. The unique aesthetic is one thing, and durability and quality are other important things to consider in this fence idea. The boards prevent the dogs from pushing and tearing the wire to avoid damages. Together, it is so stable and sturdy, so you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged easily at all. This idea is also inexpensive, and it lasts for years.

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Idea #04: Chain Link Fence

Chain link has always been one of my favorite types of fence, for it is so durable to have. My dad used to have it as a fence for his house for years and its appearance remained the same. You can create your own twist by using wooden footings with designs of your choice, and they will look great. It is my personal favorite because it also allows for ventilation and visibility for your pets. They are safe inside while still able to see everything around so that it won’t stress them out. Plus with the low cost, you should totally consider this idea.

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Idea #05: Crate & Gate Panel Combo

This is an indoor dog fence that separates certain areas from each other so that your dogs are in one place. In case you are busy with guests or work, this panel will keep your dogs from getting to your room. With the 6-panel design, it can function as either a crate or a grate which is so versatile. Plus, with the inexpensive price, you definitely should get one.

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Idea #06: Criss-Cross Dog Fence

Sometimes the netting alone does not look nice, and the criss-cross makes it look even better. Although you will not have to do a lot, it already provides so much aesthetic to your space. Black is a nice color for the fence, but you can also paint it with other colors as well. This is among simple dog fence ideas, especially for those who don’t chew or jump over the fence. Both durable and nice, this can be your next favorite dog fence to build.

Image source: pinterest.com

Idea #07: Corrugated Metal Tin Fence

Nothing beats metal when it comes to durability, and this fence says it all. The good thing is that it is rugged and sturdy, and it blocks the sights that cause your dogs to go out. When you go for this dog fence idea, make sure to select high-quality materials. The tin should be strong and thick so that there won’t be holes as time goes by. My only gripe is that it can be noisy if the dogs decide to jump into the fence. If your dogs don’t do that, then maybe this is a great fence idea for you.

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Idea #08: DIY Brick Fence Border

While there are chewers and jumpers, diggers are also of the most common dogs out there. You can deal with them by aligning brick borders with the fences like this to prevent them from digging. Make sure to put the bricks tightly together so that your dogs cannot move them out. Along with that, the wooden fence keeps them from biting since it is impossible to. The only drawback is that your dogs are not able to see what is outside because there are no holes. Besides this, it is all good to take into consideration.

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Idea #09: Dog Kennel & Raised Garden

When the space is big, you might as well turn it into a lively spot with different elements. As you can see, there is a dog house on one side and a raised garden on another. Both areas are surrounded by a tall fence that separates them in equal parts. Your dogs are safely inside the fence, and so is your raised garden. If there are pests coming to disturb your plants, your dogs and the fence will surely keep them out. Unique and useful, you won’t regret choosing this idea.

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Idea #10: Dog Playpen

Good doggos that don’t chew or jump over a fence don’t need a lot; just a playpen like this will do. They still can hang around outside, but they will not wander over the fence of the playpen. It does not have to be around or square shape because attaching it to your backyard like so will work. This also means they can have a bigger space to move and play around as well. Dog playpens are easy to find, and they are inexpensive, so don’t forget to check them out.

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Idea #11: Dog Suite

For those who have a lot of canine friends at home, maybe you want to consider this dog suite idea. It is actually among the best low cost dog fence plans since it lasts for years to come. Each dog has a personal space, and the fence keeps them in their space safely all day. It may take a big space in your background, and you will need to ask for permits to build that. However, it is a very standard dog fence idea that provides your dogs with all the privacy they need.

Image source: ehow.com

Idea #12: Double Mesh Wire Fence

Protection and safety are important, and this double mesh wire fence can totally ensure that. Just like the name suggests, everything is double with this fence. The durability, the levels of protection, and the quality are all twice better than most fences. It makes sure to keep your dogs inside while being able to withstand all chewing and other conditions very well. Not to mention that its price is not too high, you will not regret choosing this option.

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Idea #13: Fence Hurdles & Gates

Easy and inexpensive, fence hurdles and gates are perfect to have as a dog fence and garden fence. This idea brings out the authentic look that matches perfectly with rural areas and other natural atmospheres out there. It is a nice design that simply separates the garden from the dogs’ running areas. At the same time, it also keeps the dogs from digging or stomping on your flowers or vegetations. Looks great and works great while being affordable; this could be among the cheap dog fence ideas that you seek.

Image source: gardenista.com

Idea #14: Fiberglass Mesh Netting Fence

In case you don’t know, fiberglass is one of the most durable materials that can withstand a lot of things. From outdoor conditions to daily chewing from canine teeth, fiberglass can take them all. This is also the reason why it is one of the low cost dog plans that I would like to recommend. You can adapt this idea for long-term use, and it is perfect for many different dog characteristics. This fencing idea is strong enough to stand strong against chewing, and jumpers won’t get past it. Not to mention its nice appearance, don’t forget to check it out.

Image source: pinterest.com

Idea #15: Foldable Dog Exercise Fence

Letting your dogs play outside on the lawn or yard is one of the daily activities that they enjoy. But, sometimes, you cannot keep an eye on them, and this is the type of fence you should go for. It is foldable and portable, which is so easy to bring along with you to places. The best part is that you can trust that your little furry friends can enjoy playing safely when you are busy. So affordable and helpful, maybe this is the fence that you look for.

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Idea #16: Galvanized Steel Dog Fence

Long-lasting durability is one of the main benefits that galvanized steel fence provides for you. It is extremely rugged and sturdy, and it stands strong for years and years to come. This type of fence is absolutely easy to build and install, and it does not cost a lot. One thing to have in mind is to make sure to choose the ones with powder coating. This is to prevent rust caused by outdoor elements and weather. Besides these, you are good to go

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Idea #17: Hog Wire Fence

The great thing about hog wire fence is that it is extremely durable and rugged. Thanks to the welded metal rods along with hot-dip galvanized for corrosion protection, its performance and quality last for years. You can trust that this is among the best fencing ideas because its original purpose is to keep hogs in place. This simply means that each and every hog wire fence panel is strong enough to withstand hogs and other animals. So no matter how bitey your dogs can be, they don’t damage this fencing at all.


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Idea #18: Houdini-Proof Dog Fence

We all know that one curious dog who never wants to stay in, and that one is an incredible jumper as well. To battle that, you will have to go for the Houdini-proof dog fence like this one right here. The special thing about this type is that it is designed to stop dogs from climbing or jumping over the fence. It is very effective, and it will be a long time before your dog figures out a new way to get out. Definitely one of the best dog fencing ideas for extreme jumpers that you can trust, so take a look.

Image source: pinterest.com
Image source: pinterest.com

Idea #19: Indoor Lattice Dog Gate

Expandable and foldable, this gate is perfect to have indoor so that your furry friends won’t be all over the place. I like the fact that it is quite tall so that small dogs and some medium-sized dogs can’t jump over it. Since it is also foldable, storage after use is also convenient and easy, which is a total plus. You can DIY one or order one online; the choice is all yours

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Idea #20: Large Pillar Dog Fence

By the look, you can already tell that this dog fence is quite easy to build and it is. The large pillars are my favorite parts because they do not only keep the wire fence in place but also look good. This is one of the best dog fencing ideas that you should take into consideration. Mainly, due to the durability and quality as well as the appearance. It does not cost a lot, and it could be your next favorite dog fence to have.

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Idea #21: Lattice Fencing

Depending on your budget, lattice fencing can be made from a few different materials, such as metal, vinyl, and wood. This is something that you can build by yourself within a few days before installing it in your yard. Just use the material of your choice to cross and fasten together to create the shape, and you are good to go. Painting it to a color that you prefer is also nice, but the patterns that you create are the stars. It is one of the cheapest dog fence ideas to consider; what do you think?

Image source: pinterest.com

Idea #22: Lattice Trellis Fence

Here we have another lattice fence idea with a different pattern that you might find interesting. It is in a grid pattern, and it also functions as a trellis for your plants which is a total plus. The great thing about this idea is that you can build it to be as tall as you like. By growing some plants, you can also discourage your canine friends from chewing or jumping as well. With both quality and style, this is one of the best dog fence ideas that you should try

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Idea #23: Mini Dog Barrier

Things are so easy when your dogs are well-disciplined, and all you need is this mini barrier to make them stay put. Placing this mini dog barrier is one way to tell your dogs that they cannot enter a specific room. Since it is this small, its price is also inexpensive, which is simply nice. There are so many mini dog barriers like this available online, and the choice is all yours

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Idea #24: Natural Square Wood Fence

Inspired by a Japanese idea, this natural square wood fence is one of the best dog fence ideas to execute. You can use cedar cypress wood or other wood options of your choice; the final result will all look great. The installation is by using a reversible cross pole method which is flexible and versatile. It features a natural look while offering long-lasting durability and protection at the same time which is awesome.

Image source: pinterest.com

Idea #25: Picket Dog Fence

Picket fences are the classic and modern types of fence that looks amazing with any home design out there. With that being said, a picket fence is also perfect to have as a dog fence as well. If you have small dogs that don’t wander off, this is one of the best dog fence ideas to consider. On top of that, it is also among the cheapest dog fence ideas that you can easily get as well. So nice yet so simple, picket fences are just perfect

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Idea #26: RV Dog Pen

You will need an RV dog pen if you are on the road with your dogs a lot. This is to keep from getting too far away during your break or rest at a stop. The awesome thing about the RV dog pen is that it is not only adjustable but also collapsible and portable. Not to mention the affordable price and long-lasting durability, it is clearly among the cheap dog fence ideas. And, of course, you can use it at home, which is so convenient. So awesome and easy, I highly recommend this one as well.

Image source: wayfair.com

Idea #27: Scalloped Top Double Loop Wire Fence

Modern and vintage in one, this is one of the best dog fence ideas that might catch your eyes. The top double loop simply creates a unique look, especially if there is a garden flower behind it. Under the double loop are grid patterns that provide visibility while keeping your doggos inside. Plus, with the classy white color, this fence is almost flawless to have.

Image source: pinterest.com

Idea #28: Timber Fencing

The original purpose of this fence is to prevent your dogs from doing a tasting experiment with your plants. However, it is also a great dog fence idea that you can have to keep them inside as well. Timber is a very durable and long-lasting material, and it will not break or tear apart easily at all. You can build it a little higher if your dogs are jumpers; otherwise, this height is also pretty.

Image source: pinterest.com

Idea #29: Wooden Fence With Grid Wire

Perfect for the playground or yard, this wooden fence is pretty easy to build and install. All you need are some grid wire and wood, and you can start the project right away. Make sure to go for the durable grid wire with a protective coating so that its durability lasts for years. It is a nice dog fencing idea to go for if you want to set a specific place for your dogs. It is also great if you have kids because it will keep them safe inside as well.

Image source: pinterest.com

Idea #30: Wood Fence & Metal Gate

This looks a little complicated, but it is unique in its way. The wood panels are quite close together so that your dogs won’t squeeze themselves out. However, they are still able to see what is outside, which is great for viewing. I think the metal gate is used instead of wood to make it stand out, so that depends on you. Maybe you will like this one; it looks pretty nice too.

Image source: pinterest.com

Idea #31: Wooden Fence & Peep Hole

Apart from chewers, diggers, and jumpers, we have peepers, and there is no better fence for them than this. You can make a round or square hole in the fence like so, then paint some cool art for them. This is an extremely adorable idea, and it will get you every time. And, of course, it is very inexpensive since wooden fences are cheap to build. Even if you are not good at painting, your doggo will surely make everything look good

Image source: littlethings.com

Idea #32: Woven Willow Fence

Perfect for rural areas, this woven willow fence ticks all the boxes. It complements the authentic and natural look while offering years of durability for you at the same time. You can use it as a fence, gate, screens, and pretty much anything you want. Your dogs will stay inside the perimeter of your home, and woven willow is tough to chew. It could be time-consuming to build and make, but it is quite popular too.

Image source: pinterest.com

Idea #33: Woven Wire Fencing

You probably recognize this fencing type, the woven fire fencing. It is one of the cheapest fence ideas for dogs and the most common type that you will come across. Woven wire fencing is durable and inexpensive, and it is also easy to find and install. The wooden structure makes a great support to keep everything in place, making the fence super sturdy. This dog fencing idea is ideal for both rural and urban areas, and you can easily build one. It could take quite some time if the place is big, but it is so worth the effort you put in.

Image source: pinterest.com


Don’t worry that some cheap dog fence ideas are not durable or safe to have for your dogs. I made sure to choose just the best ideas with quality that you can trust. It took me quite some time, but at least I know that all dog fencing ideas above are good and reliable. Don’t forget to share your thoughts on your most favorite ideas; I am so keen to know.