15+ Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas For Adults

Your birthday is coming soon and you want to try something different this year? You will come across many options when it comes to outdoor birthday ideas for adults. Depending on how many people and how you want to celebrate, there will be 15+ outdoor birthday party ideas today. Some of them can be done in your backyard while some others allow you to enjoy the moment outdoors. Maybe a few ideas below have something that match your preferences; feel free to check them out.

01 – Barbecue Party

You can never skip barbecue parties when it comes to special occasions like birthdays and other gatherings. It sounds so simple yet super fun, and it is an amazing outdoor activity that everyone can enjoy. The great thing about considering barbecue as one of the backyard birthday party ideas for adults is that it is convenient. You can just spend an hour or two on setup, and you are good to go. It can be a big party or a small party, depending on how many people you invite. Everyone can also bring drinks and snacks, and everyone can just enjoy the outdoor fun altogether. Plus, with some music and birthday decorations, then you are good to go. Easy and simple as well.

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02 – Beach Party

For those who want to have a small outdoor birthday party, you might want to consider a beach party. It is convenient and fun, and there are many things that you can do. A classic beach party is just food and drinks with a group of people on the beach. You can also rent a resort where you can have a more private party with your family or friends. Everyone can eat, dance, talk, or swim, and the activities are so diverse it is super fun. The atmosphere at the beach is very nice, making your birthday party a great day to remember. Not to mention that it can be a nice getaway at the weekend, a beach birthday party is a good idea.

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03 – Camping

In case you want to be a little bit adventurous, consider camping for your next birthday party. Camping is among the best options to have in mind, mainly because of its different taste of experiences. Instead of dressing up and having a party, you get to explore nature instead. Camping is calm and peaceful, and it is a perfect outdoor activity that you will like. Campers might already know the experience, and you should definitely try if you haven’t. Just you and your friends, sitting around the campfire talking about life while eating some s’mores or cup noodles. How nice is that? Maybe go camping in natural places like in the forest or by the river, it surely will be unforgettable.

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04 – Campfire Gathering

It is okay if you don’t want to go camping; gathering around the campfire is also great for a birthday party. Let’s call it a low-key party, no loud music or crowd, just you and your friends hanging out around a campfire. As adults, many of us probably go past the big party phase and prefer the tranquilness instead. A campfire gathering is one of the best backyard birthday party ideas for adults since you can do it in your backyard. With some snacks and drinks, and you are good to go. It is nice and relaxing, and it is great to spend some quality time with your close friends or family.

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05 – Disco Party

Not ready to feel old yet? Of course, we have all been there. This is why a disco party is among the best outdoor party entertainment ideas for adults who want to feel young. You can go to a disco in town or set up your own disco place at home to celebrate with your friends. It is super fun and funky, and you know the night is still young. This birthday party is perfect for both indoor and outdoor, and it can be for either large or small groups. The key is to pick the right music and probably the right outfits and enjoy your birthday night. Super simple yet super fun, you definitely should have a disco birthday party in mind.

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06 – Escape Room

Want something thrilling? You should totally consider an escape room, and it will take you to a whole new level of fun. The awesome thing about an escape room is that it is challenging. That makes it perfect for birthday boys and girls who like to try new and challenging things. Escape rooms are very popular, and most games are very competitive and puzzling. So if there is an escape room in your area, I highly recommend you book one for your birthday. It is always nice to try new things; this could be your next thing.

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07 – Game Night

Not feeling like doing much? Then you can just go for game night; we are talking about board games and card games. There are so many types of game cards that you can choose from and enjoy playing with your friends and family. From the regular ones to the messed up ones, you can easily find them online as well. Things are the same with board games; you can play both of these for hours and hours. The fun is always there, and everybody is going to have a good time. Game night is fun, either indoors or outdoors, and a few drinks make it even more enjoyable.

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08 – Ice Skating

I didn’t know ice skating could be one of the best outdoor party entertainment ideas for adults until my partner did it this year. Just us and a few of our friends, some could skate and some couldn’t altogether in the skating ring. It is a new whole experience, and it is extremely fun. You should always try new things for your birthday, get out of your comfort zone a little. There are so many outdoor activities that are available, and ice skating is definitely one of them. If you haven’t tried ice skating yet, you should really go for it. Not to mention you can grab some nice food after the ice skating, a simple yet memorable birthday to have.

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09 – Karaoke

We all love to have a good time, and karaoke is probably one of the best things that you should go for. People get to sing, probably dance, and there will be food and drinks, which is extremely nice. More than that, you can enjoy karaoke for hours and hours without losing the fun at all. You will never run out of songs to sing, and the fun is simply endless. The great thing about karaoke is that you can do it at home or go to the karaoke for more options. Your group of friends will have a great time, and it is among the best outdoor party entertainment ideas for adults.

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10 – Outdoor Movies

When you search for outdoor birthday party or backyard birthday party ideas for adults, this will surely come up. Mainly because it is one of the best outdoor activities that you can easily do in your backyard. All you need is a mini slide projector, a white screen, and that’s pretty much it. The drinks and snacks are your choices, and you can enjoy the night for hours. This is a great outdoor birthday party idea to have in mind when you don’t want to do much. It is easy and simple, and everyone can enjoy the movie, which is great. Since there is a wide variety of movies to choose from, it is going to be nice.

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11 – Outdoor Party

You can also for the classic celebration with an outdoor party where you can invite friends and family. It could be a big birthday party in the backyard or maybe a small one, depending on you. The great thing about an outdoor birthday party is that you can choose various settings that you like. It could be a long table where everybody can sit to eat and talk. You can also make it fancy by hiring a buffet or chefs to make the food on the spot. Plus, with some beverages, the fun is going to be there for you.

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12 – Paintball

Want to get active? Then consider booking a paintball with your friends or family and have some fun. You can do it half day or the entire day, then go grab some nice food after, and it is going to be amazing. The awesome thing about paintball is that people of different ages can enjoy playing it. No matter if your team members are kids or adults, the fun is always there. So if you want your birthday to be a little more exciting, take paintball into consideration.

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13 – Picnic

How about a chilling and relaxing picnic with your friends or family members? It does not have to be a big or loud party; sometimes, all you need is some quality time with your loved ones. You can prepare your favorite meal and go to a nice spot for your birthday picnic. In case you want to go big, it is also possible to throw a massive picnic party. Everyone can each bring their picnic food and mat, and you can have a large picnic altogether. It is a very creative and unique idea, and it sure will be fun for you. Plus, with the good weather, everyone will definitely remember your cool birthday party.

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14 – Pool Party

How about the classic pool party that you can easily arrange by the pool? If you have a pool in the backyard, this is clearly the idea that you should have in mind. It is both cool and fun, and it is something that you can arrange and manage with ease. Everybody does not even have to dress up; they all know the cue to the pool party, which is so convenient. This outdoor birthday party idea is perfect for summer or a hot sunny day, and you will definitely love it.

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15 – Rooftop Party

Not so common for some, but absolutely incredible; a rooftop party is one of the best outdoor birthday party ideas. You can easily celebrate your birthday right on your rooftop, which is so convenient. Just a bit of decoration and some nice food and drinks, and the fun is right there. The best part about a rooftop birthday party is that it looks awesome in photos. It is outdoor and in the open, and it looks amazing with light strings at night. If you have a rooftop, this is clearly the outdoor party idea that you should do at least once.

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16 – Sky Bar

Sky bar is very common in some areas, and this is exactly what I did on my birthday this year. The special thing about celebrating your birthday at a sky bar is that it is nice and relaxing. So tranquil and nice, and the atmosphere up there is simply amazing at night. This is a nice idea when you only want to celebrate your birthday with a small group of people. It is not only easy and fun but also classy and elegant. Nice food and some good drinks with your close friends, definitely something that you should do or try.

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17 – Sleepover

I often have a sleepover on my birthday because I often get drunk, and that is quite fun too. You can host your birthday party in your backyard, and your guests can stay the night after the party. They could sleep in the house, or you can set up some camps if the space is big for a new birthday experience. People can stay up all night talking about life; adults always have so many things to talk about when it comes to life. All you need is some extra nice drinks and snacks for the night, and the fun is all yours.

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18 – Themed Party

This could be among the most creative outdoor party entertainment ideas for adults, and it is super fun. If we talk about themed parties, the fun is endless for everyone. The birthday boy or girl can choose the theme that they like, and the guests have to dress to match the theme. It could be the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and more. Similar to a costume party but more specific, and that is so fun to take photos too. There will be so many interesting outfits, and your birthday party is going to be so lit. It is going to be a memorable birthday party, and everybody will surely enjoy this idea.

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Backyard Birthday Party Refreshments

You will need quite a number of things for backyard birthday parties. One of the important things that you must have is refreshments for your guests. There are some of the most common birthday party refreshments that you should consider providing for your guests. The ones below are easy to find or make, and they will surely complement your party with great taste.


The thing about beverages is that there is a wide variety of options that you can choose from. From soft drinks to alcohol and more, the choices are not limited at all. There are different options for your types of guests, and I have some to recommend. Below are some of the most ideal beverages that you might want to add to your backyard birthday party.


The amazing thing about cocktails for birthday party is that you can easily get creative with them. There could be light ones for those who don’t want to get drunk, and there are strong ones. You can either mix some and put them in the containers for easy serving. To make things easier, you can just leave the liquors for your guest to mix their own drinks. It is very easy and nice, and it also makes the party super fun as well.

Iced Tea / Lemonade

In case there are younger guests at your party, it is also great to have some iced tea or lemonade around. There are also people who prefer to go for soft drinks when the daylight is still out. Not everyone wants to drink alcohol all the time, so it is good to have some of these drinks sitting. They are very easy and simple to make, and it is a great refreshment to have for outdoor birthday parties.


You can also go for something in between when it comes to beverages, and we are talking about mocktails here. So what are mocktails? Simply put, mocktails are cocktails without the liquor. There will be different tastes and colors, and they make nice treats for not only birthday parties but also other gatherings. Some of the nicest ones are berry burlesque, green appletini, deep blue, mockmosa, Shirley ginger, sunny fizz, sunrise, and virgin mojito.


Bites are definitely the stars of the party since good food is a good mood, right? This is why you want to provide your guests with the right food or snacks at your outdoor birthday party. Depending on the time and the guests, below are some of the common treats for outdoor birthday parties. Let’s see if they are something that you want to consider for your party.


Nothing can go wrong with a buffet, especially for adult guests. You can select the number of food that you would like to provide, starting from 7 to more options. The great thing about the buffet is that the guests can get their own food, making things easier and more convenient. If you have plenty of guests or if you don’t want to serve, arrange a buffet. That way, you can easily please a number of guests with different food courses for them to choose from. It could be a little pricey, but at least you know that your guests are well-fed.

Finger Food

On top of a buffet, you can add some finger food or serve finger food as the main course. Finger food is amazing because it is quite filling, too, depending on what you provide. There are so many delicious finger food options that you can select for your birthday party. Some of the best ones are bread sticks, cheesy corn ribs, meat skewers, onion rings, quiches, sausage rolls, shrimp cocktails, and wings. That is not all, and this is why you should consider finger food for your outdoor birthday party.

Bonus: Fruit

Fruits is definitely one of the important treats that you must not miss when it comes to gatherings and parties. The best way to serve the right fruit is to depend on the seasons or the celebrations. However, there are still common fruits that you can add to the table that your guests will love. Those include bananas, berries, grapes, mangos, papaya, strawberries, and watermelon. Even better, you can have skewers of various fruit mixing together so that the guests can eat everything at once. Looks good and tastes good, don’t forget to put some fruits for refreshment.

Decorating Items For Outdoor Birthday Parties

Bites and sips are important at a birthday party, and so is the decoration. People take plenty of photos these days, and it is only right to want your birthday party to look amazing. If we talk about easy and simple decorations, there won’t be a lot to prepare. Just a few things and your backyard party will look incredible, so let’s take a look.


No matter how old or how young you are, balloons are among the main things that you need at a birthday party. Today, golden balloons of numbers, along with black and white balloons, are the popular ones. They look great, and they can complement any birthday theme with class and style. You can easily find awesome balloons pretty much anywhere, and they simply brighten up the mood of the birthday party.

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Chalkboard Menu

To make things even more interesting, you can add a chalkboard menu at the entrance of the party. Write down the things that your guests are going to be served with, and it looks great. Some people would think it is not necessary; it is just a nice way to decorate your backyard birthday party. This could be a great idea if there are special things for your guests, they can see the moment they entire. It does not have to be food and drinks; it could be the flow of the events or anything you like.

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Flowers can always make the mood of the party becomes extra classic and elegant, especially for a lady’s birthday. You can use flowers as a backdrop of the spot where people take photos to make the theme look amazing. Or, you can neatly place flowers of your choice in vases as decoration. Another way to use flowers is to put some of them on the table along with the food. There are so many types of blooms that you can choose from, and the decision is all yours to make.

Photo Booth

This used to be huge back in the day, but you can always bring photo booths back to your birthday party. In fact, a photo booth is a perfect thing to add if you have a themed birthday party. There will be things like photo frames, props, and many accessories that your guests can use. It is cool and fun, and there are many styles that you can choose for your photo booth. If you have time, build one. In case you don’t, you can always get them online.

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String Lights

For night parties, string lights are a must-have to make your birthday party even more lit. The amazing thing about string lights is that there are many different options for you to select. You will come across the small string lights, multiple colors string lights, big light bulbs string lights, and more. Depending on your personal preferences, the choices are endless. The best part is that you can always reuse those lights for other events and occasions at home which is a total plus.

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Final Thoughts

Outdoor birthday parties are simple yet fun, and we adults can have some great times with our close ones. I used to think that there is no point in celebrating myself getting old; it is sad to get old. However, we should have as much fun as we can and appreciate what we have. I sure hope some of the best outdoor birthday party ideas that I have recommended above make you feel young again. Let’s see which one among them that you are going to try this year.