40 Enjoyable Picnic Games For Large Groups To Play

Lockdown has not been nice, and that is why hanging out in groups is the best thing to do when it is over. I have put together some of the best picnic games for large groups that you can enjoy playing. There are so many types of picnic games or outdoor games that groups of people will love to play. From board games to physical activities, I include them all for you below so check them out.

1. Active Games

#1. Bocce Ball

If your picnic group consists of 8 people, then bocce ball is the perfect game for you. There are 8 balls in this game/sport, and each player gets to throw a ball at a Pallino. The object is to throw the bocce balls closer to the Pallino than the opponent. Each team has the option of bouncing, rolling, or tossing the ball down the court in the boundaries. The first team to reach 12 points wins the game. Here is a summary of how to play bocce ball that gives you all the details.

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#2. Crossnet

When it comes to active games and sports, crossnet has to be one of them. You can play crossnet with as few members as 4 or as more as 16 or more. There are 4 teams that stay in each square, and the rules are similar to volleyball. Each player or team can only hit once per turn, and whoever scores the most wins the game. The awesome thing about crossnet is that you can play it pretty much anywhere. From the beach to the pool, this game is ideal for them all. So if you have a picnic or road trip, you should have crossnet in mind. Here are how and the rules of playing crossnet for you.

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#3. Dodgeball

The name brings us all back to high school, doesn’t it? Dodgeball is a game or sport that everyone can play, and there is no limit to the number of participants. It is very active, and it is also quite competitive for most people to play as well. The goal is to eliminate all players of the opposing team by hitting them with the balls. So if your picnic area has a large space, you might want to consider challenge your friends to play dodgeball.

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#4. Frisbee Bowling

A frisbee bowling or disc bowling is also a fun game that you can try with your friends. It is actually among the best picnic games for large groups to play outdoor. You can have as many members and teams as you like, and playing it is easy. All you need are some frisbee discs, some bowling pins or just bottles, and that’s all. Each team will throw the frisbee at the bowling pins, and whoever scores the most wins the game. Sounds easy but it is going to be challenging, consider the distance of the bowling pins.

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#5. Kan Jam

A list of fun outdoor games is incomplete without Kan Jam, the popular outdoor party game in America. This game is super easy and fun to play. Everyone simply takes turns throwing and deflecting the flying disc. You can play it in any outdoor space such as the beach, park, yard, and more. Kan Jam is easy to set up, and it is also portable which is so easy to bring along with. Whoever scores 21 points wins the game, and you can also add your own rules. It is among the best picnic games for large groups, so don’t overlook this one.

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#6. Laser Tag

Here we have a non-contact sport that both adult and young players can try outdoor. You will need to get some equipment for the game if you want to play it occasionally. It is just like airsoft guns or paintballs, but it won’t hurt or get your clothes dirty. Just make sure that you have a large space for the game, and you are good to go. Laser tag is easy and fun to play, and the updates these days don’t even require bulky gear.

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#7. Limbo

Don’t like running around but still want to have some fun while having a picnic? Then you might want to play limbo, the all-time favorite that everyone can participate in. As long as you have music and a rope or stick, the game can start right away. It is a friendly game that does not require much, and everyone can still have a good time. If your back is flexible and good, you definitely should note down limbo to your list.

#8. Throw Throw Burrito

With the combination of a card game and dodgeball, Throw Throw Burrito is clearly the game that you should play. Trying to be one of the best picnic games for large groups, the game also comes with an outdoor edition. The burritos in this edition are inflatable, and the size is up to 3 feet tall each. Even the cards are larger so that you can easily read them when you are standing outside. Thousands of players love this game, and each set allows up to 6 players. But you can always buy a few more sets for everyone in your picnic group. Below is the video that shows you how to play this super fun outdoor game.


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#9. Ultimate Frisbee

The ultimate frisbee is another non-contact outdoor game that allows multiple players. As long as you have an open space and ultimate frisbee disc, then the game can start. Besides being a game picnic game for large groups, it is also an amazing outdoor sport. The rules are pretty simple, and it is a great exercise that benefits a lot to your health. We also have a segment on the best ultimate frisbee discs that may be helpful for you.

You can read our full review of Ultimate Frisbee Disc here!

#10. Volleyball

Volleyball is a fun game for both indoor and outdoor play, and female and male players can all compete. Generally, there are 6 players in each team but you can create your own rules with your friends. It is a very active sport that requires a lot of jumping and movement which is great for health. If you have the equipment, you can also play it with your friends in your free time besides picnic.

2. Board & Card Games

#11. Disturbed Friends

The name of the game says it all. This game is going to disturb your friends with many different questions. There are 250 disturbing questions in total, along with 100 offensive cartoon cards. Each player gets to vote on each question, and the final result defines the winner of the game. This card game allows up to 10 players, and it is going to be a different experience for everyone to play. On a side note, Disturbed Friends is an adult game so it is not appropriate for teens. The humor can be both dark and dirty, but it is quite fun to try.

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#12. Drawing Without Dignity

Just like Pictionary but with dark and dirty jokes included, Drawing Without Dignity is a nice picnic game. There are hundreds of cards in the box with a clue that you can choose. Then you are going to draw what you see and let the other people or your team members guess. There are phrases, words, and more, and bad drawing skills make things even more fun to play. It is a simple game that you can easily bring along with to pretty much anywhere you go. An uncensored version is also available, and maybe you will like it.

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#13. Exploding Kittens

One of my best friends in Japan is obsessed with this game every time I visit, and I actually like it. Exploding Kittens is a card game that families, friends, or a group of 10 people can enjoy playing. This game is also very easy and fast to learn which is why I want to recommend it. There are 122 cards in total, and it is just a fun alternative to Russian roulette. Everyone takes turns drawing cards until someone draws an Exploding Kitten and loses. There are different funny things on each card, and I guarantee you will enjoy it like I do. You can visit exploding kittens for instructions or watch the video below.

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#14. Family Feud

For those who love trivia games, then Family Feud is one of the best picnic games for you. You can purchase the game, and there are hundreds of questions that last for hours. There are a few different editions that you can get, and all of them are super fun to play. All the questions are also kids-friendly which is ideal for family time as well. Family Feud is simple yet enjoyable, and the fun is endless with this trivia game.

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#15. Joking Hazard

If you are a fan of Cyanide & Happiness, you probably know about their card games. Joking Hazard is the game from Cyanide & Happiness that is funny, but the humor can be quite dark and quirky. There are 3 different editions, and the latest one allows up to 12 players. Remember that it is an adult game, so what you see in the cards can get quite dirty. This game is ideal for both indoor and outdoor, don’t forget to check it out.

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#16. Monopoly

Although monopoly only allows 6 players at a time, you can always team up if there are more people. Monopoly is a fun trading game where players buy, sell, and make their way to success. It is a family-friendly game that people of all ages can enjoy playing both indoor and outdoor. This is why it is also one of the best picnic games for large groups who hang out. I must admit that I never want to stop even after 2 hours of playing this game. And yes, it is that good. If you are new to monopoly, you have to try it with your friends. There are also a few editions that you can choose from, so don’t forget to check them out.

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#17. Moose Master

When it comes to the best picnic games for large groups, a card game like this has to present. Moose Master is a card game that allows up to 10 players, and it is easy to learn and fun to play. There are 3 decks, including Moose Master Cards, Moose Rule Cards, and Penalty Cards. Shuffle all 3 decks separately before you start, then place them next to each other. Start the game by choosing 2 Moose Rules that everyone must follow in the game. Place the 2 cards face up next to the Moose Master deck, then draw a card from the Moose Master deck. The players who pick the card must read and perform the action or follow the instructions in the cards immediately.

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#18. Not Parent Approved

Don’t let the name tricks you. This card game is ideal for players of all ages. However, it involves burping but you can always change it to something else like rock, paper, scissors. Not Parent Approved is a nice game for both families and friends, and it can accommodate up to 10 players. There are 455 high-quality cards in the deck, and there are instructions and rules in the box. To play the game, each player draws 7 red answer cards from the deck. All players then have a burp-off, and the winner will draw the first blue question card. There will be a statement with a blank that the players will have to complete using their red cards. The person with the funniest answer wins the game. The video below will show you how to play this game.

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#19. Secret Hitler

Secret Hitler is a board game for up to 10 players, and everyone is secretly divided has into 2 teams. Team fascists coordinate to sow distrust and install their cold-blooded leader in the game. Meanwhile, team liberals must find and stop the Secret Hitler in team fascists before it is too late. Each round, all players elect a Chancellor and a President who will work together to enact a law from a random deck. If the government passes a fascist law, players must try to figure out their fates. This is quite political, but I add it because there are many people who like mind games like this.

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#20. UNO

UNO is one of the best picnic games for large groups and the best card games that everyone can enjoy. You can play UNO with as many people as you like. All you need to do is add more decks. We often say it is the game that can ruin friendships and relationships, but it is so hard to exist. This card game is not only easy to play but also easy to bring along with to places. You can play UNO pretty much anywhere you are, and it never becomes boring. So if you want a simple picnic game that everyone can enjoy, UNO should be on your list.

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3. Competitive Games

#21. Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better

The title of the game already tells you that the game is going to be very competitive. You will need a few people to decide the tasks for the game, and they should be very creative and funny. Depending on where you are, the task for players in the game can be anything. Adding a timer is optional if you want the game to be more challenging. There be will be 2 teams, and each member will take turns to follow the tasks that the leader assigns. You can decide as many rounds as you like, and the team that does better the most wins.

#22. Card Passing

This card passing game has been viral on the internet for quite some time, and it is a tricky game. Everyone must line up, and the person at the back has to pass the card using their mouth. The trick is that the card has to be sucked in instead of biting. So there are high chances of people kissing each other “accidentally” in this game. Well, it is fun if you don’t mind the “accident” that I keep air quoting here. Below is the detail of the game that you might want to see and try.

#23. Celebrity

This is the perfect game for those who like to do impressions, and it is going to be hilarious. The person who comes up will act out, do impressions, or use words to describe a celebrity from a card. Everyone can write the names of celebrities and mix them all in a container or the judges can do it all. You can have as many members as you like in the team, and there are as many rounds as you like. There could be a timer to this, and the team who guesses the most celebrities wins.

#24. Charades

Everyone in the group writes down anything that comes into their minds in cards for players to act out. You can play in two teams or just one large group, charades are fun either way. One person will come up and act out whatever it is on the card that they pick. The person or team that has the most correct guesses wins the game. You can add more rules or time limits to make the game more challenging, and it is super fun.

#25. Heads Up

Here we have a game that you can download from App Store or Google Play for the clues. One person will hold the device to their forehead, facing out, and the rest will describe or act out the clue. The game in the app includes everything you need from the clues to timers, so it is easy to play. The person who holds the device will try to guess as many words as possible before the time runs out. Everyone will take turns to play the game in different categories that the app has. Whoever has the most scores wins.

#26. Musical Chairs

This is among the best picnic games for large groups that people of all ages can play. You are going to need several chairs, arrange them facing forward in a circle, and a loudspeaker. If there are 10 people, there should only be 9 chairs, and you get the idea. There will be one person who plays the music, and that person decides when to pause the song. Everyone is going to dance in a circle when the music starts, and they must find a seat when the music stops. The person who cannot sit on time is out, and one chair will be removed. This game goes on until one last person gets the seat, and that person wins.

#27. Name That Tune

As for this one, it is an easy and simple game that everyone can enjoy playing. The person will play a song and the rest will try to guess the song title or who sings it. You can choose any song from your playlist, and both team members will try to guess it. Whoever gets it right and gets the most point wins the game. The challenging part is that sometimes both teams get the scores so it will be extra fun to play.

#28. Reverse Charade

The great thing about reverse charade is that you can either buy it or create your own game, depending on your theme. There should be 2 teams with 4 to 6 members each, but you can always add more members or teams. The reverse role in this game is that there will be only one person who guesses. Meanwhile, the rest of the members act out the clues together for 2 minutes or less. The rule is that the members can only “act”. They cannot talk to explain the clue at all. It is going to be extremely fun and hilarious, and you can add extra rules along the way also.

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#29. Spoons & Eggs

Here we have a game that is both fun and team-building that anyone can play. You will need some eggs and spoons for this game, and the eggs can be artificial to avoid cleanup. Each person has a spoon in their mouth, and they have to pass the egg to one another without dropping. The team that finishes passing all the eggs first wins the game. It is exhilarating and fun, and you can also play with kids as well.

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#30. Sporcle

Easy and simple yet very fun, the game requires members to name things in a category until they run out of ideas. The leader of the group can write down as many categories as possible, and the two teams will compete. For example, the category is fast food. So each team will take to name fast food, and the team that runs out of ideas first loses. You can play this game in groups or individually, and it is fun either way.

4. Night Games

#31. Back To Back

Here we have one of the best picnic games for large groups that you can play in pairs. Each pair sits or stands back to back, with drinks in their hands. The rest of the group will ask questions that begin with “Who’s the most likely to…” with a situation. Whichever member thinks they are most likely to fit in that situation will drink. If one of them drinks, then you can move on to the next pair. If both or neither of them drink, they have to drink again before moving to the next pair. The game is just to get everyone drunk, but also to give everyone some fun situations as well.

#32. Have You Ever

The first player starts by asking a question begins with “Have you ever…” to someone next to them. What’s fun about this game is that the question can get hilarious, naughty, and personal to some extend. This is actually one of the best picnic games for large groups that are close to each other. Since the questions can be quite mischievous, it is important to ensure that everyone agrees to the terms. That way, no one will get offended or upset with the questions from their friends. If you want some recommendations on the questions for the game, Icebreaker Ideas can help you out.

#33. Never Have I Ever

This is a classic night game that everyone knows how to play, and it can be quite mysterious. One person will say “Never have I ever…” and finish with something that they have never done. If someone in the group has done it, they must hold up one finger. This goes on until one person has 3 fingers up, and that person is out. Don’t forget to set the rules in accordance with the members of the groups. This game can be offensive to some people, but you know the drill.

#34. Straight Face

The more you try not to laugh, the more you are going to laugh which is why Straight Face is fun. Everyone writes a hilarious phrase or sentence on a piece of paper, and they all go into a container. The person who starts will draw a piece of paper out and read that phrase or sentence out loud. Everyone must keep a straight face, and whoever laughs or even smiles loses the game. Then that person will take the container and draw the paper the statement to the group. This continues until there is more paper to read, and it is a super fun game to play.

#35. The Name Game

Complicated but fun, the name game is quite entertaining even after the alcohol starts kicking in. To start the game, someone has to say the name of someone famous that everyone knows. The next person has the say the name of a celebrity that begins with the other celebrity’s family name. For example, Michale Jackson, then the next person will say Jennifer Lopez, and the game goes on. If you can’t think of the name in 3 or 5 seconds, you will drink. You will also have to drink if you give a name without a surname like Adele or Madonna.

#36. Truth or Dare

This is a classic game that we all have gone through during parties or other drinking nights. You can either spin the bottle to find the person who asks questions or randomly pick them. People can get carried away playing truth or dare, especially when they are drunk. All I can say is drink responsibly so that you won’t regret doing the dare after waking up the next morning.

#37. Truth or Drink

It is okay if you don’t want to play truth or dare because truth or drink is a fun alternative. The rule of the game is rather simple, you either tell the truth about something or choose to drink. You can always switch from telling the truth to the drink if the question is too challenging for you. Either way, everyone knows something is up if you don’t want to answer the question.

#38. Two Truths & A Lie

The name says it all, you will have to say 3 things about yourself with 2 being the truth. Everyone must guess which statement among the 3 is a lie. This game is fun because you are going to have a discussion and explanation of the truths and lies. It is also a nice game since everyone in the group gets to know more information about each other. As one of the best picnic games for large groups, you don’t even need any objects to play with. It is just everyone sitting in a circle, getting to know one another by playing this game.

#39. Where’s The Water?

For those who can handle alcohol like a champ, this is clearly the game for you. You will need several shot glasses and clear beverages of many types that you have. Each player in the group has to take turns to choose and drink a shot. Then they will say “mmm, water!” in the most convincing tone possible. If another person calls them out and says they are lying, and correct, the liar will drink another. In case that person is wrong, then they will drink. Just another excuse to get everyone drunk, but it is also extremely fun as well.

#40. Would You Rather

Normally, people play this game when they get quite drunk or tipsy but it is still fun. The person will ask someone next to them, “Would you rather…” and include 2 challenging situations. This game is fun because the questions can be funny, silly, weird, or straight-up impossible. There is no loser or winner in this game. It is all about fun in people’s creative ideas and imaginations.

Final Thoughts

I sure believe that at least one among forty games that I recommend above gets your attention. It took me quite some time to search for just the fun games that are easy to find and play. From board games to drinking games and sports, I include them all for you. There are also items that you can find online which I also provide under each game. Have fun with your friends, and cheers.