66 Landscape Edging Ideas & Garden Edging Ideas

With so many landscape edging ideas and garden edging ideas to choose from, creating clean lines will be easy. Edging establishes a neat boundary between your garden beds or landscapes from other areas next to them. There is plenty of modern garden edging ideas to match your home design or other preferences. And by plenty, you will find up to 656 landscape edging ideas and garden edging ideas from our list today.


Idea #01: Bamboo Edging

Bamboos are super versatile, and you can use them for so many purposes, especially in garden edging ideas. They come in different lengths and size options that you can choose from for your garden or lawn. If there are taller flowers or plants, there are long bamboos for a tall hedge or fence. In case there are shorter flowers or shrubs, then you can create a nice look like in the picture above. This is a very creative and inexpensive idea, and it is also super easy and fast to implement.

Image Source: pinterest.nz

Idea #02: Bluestone Edging

Rare and special, bluestones are one of the best materials that you can use for garden edging. Despite being common and popular for building, pavement, and more, these natural are also perfect for edging as well. This type of stone is perfect for bright green lawns due to the contrast of the colors that it delivers. It is true that bluestones are a little pricey because they are not widely available, but their quality is amazing.

Image Source: houzz.com

Idea #03: Border Rolls

Creating a garden edging never goes wrong with the border roll style, it is neat and unique. All you need are wooden full logs of the same or various heights of your preferences, and that’s it. Simply stagger them around your garden or spot that you would like to create a barrier. This idea does not only gives a neat edging but also displays your garden views at the same time. Plus, with the fact that wooden materials last longer and look natural, it is an awesome garden edging idea.

Image Source: shedstore.co.uk

Idea #04: Boulder Edging

Choosing boulders to be the edging of your garden or lawn is a very bold move, but it is worth it. This idea is more suitable for a large area with trees and a lot of plants along with a lawn. The boulders can separate the trees from the lawn, and everything still looks great. I also recommend this option if there are high and low places in your space, it creates a clean barrier between those. Definitely pricey to invest in, but all the boulders will not go anywhere.

Image Source: pinterest.nz

Idea #05: Brick Edging

A permanent mini garden looks gorgeous with brick edging like this, and it is super elegant as well. You may go for colorful bricks, vintage bricks, and any other types of your choice to create this look. Laying it with cement-like this makes it stays permanently, but you can also do it without the cement. I have seen people laying bricks on top of each other to create the same look. In case you want to expand the garden, then a regular brick edging will also do.

Image Source: pinterest.com


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Idea #06: Brick Stone

Sometimes it is also nice to sit by the flowers of your garden on a day with beautiful weather. This is why I would like to recommend this edging garden idea right here. The brick stone elevates from the ground, showing just the beauty of the blooms that you grow. Since brick stones are the main materials, you know that it is so durable and long-lasting for many years to come. It also creates a neat border between your garden and lawn with great essence and style. Brick stone edging makes an awesome complement to most settings, and you may like it.

Image Source: homestratosphere.com

Idea #07: Cinder Blocks

Although pretty heavy, cinder blocks are perfect for long-term or event permanent garden edging. Because of the space that they deliver, cinder blocks also function as a pot for more flowers and plants. More than that, you can buy them in different colors or simply paint them with the color of your choice. Cinder blocks are cheap and easy to find, and they are super durable to have for long-term use. This is a great idea for medium to large garden edging, so let’s see if you like it.

Image Source: pinterest.nz

Idea #08: Clay Drain Pipes

As for this one, you will need to use several clay drain pipes to create edging for your garden. The best part about this idea is that you can grow more plants like succulents in the pipes. So it provides both barriers and more space for other plants, which is a huge bonus for your area. You can easily arrange the pipes alongside the garden, and that’s it. The only drawback would be the difficulty in cleaning in case there is dirt on the pipes. Besides that, this is one of the best garden edging ideas that you should take into consideration.

Image Source: pinterest.nz

Idea #09: Cobblestone

Cobblestones are very gorgeous and neat, and they make the whole area look so elegant with their color and texture. Along with that, cobblestones also give this natural look that matches perfectly with the garden or lawn. Besides edging, you can also use the same material for your pathway, walkway, and more as well. When it comes to garden edging ideas, this is one of the best materials that you should have in mind.

Image Source: pinterest.nz

Idea #10: Coco Fiber

This is one of the natural edging ideas with a long-lasting durability that you can apply. Coco fiber is a lightweight and pervious material that you can easily install, and it is permeable to air, nutrients, and water. I recommend this because of its color that matches nicely with the garden, and it is low-maintenance to have. You can look for either coco fiber edging or coco liner in bulk for large-scale use. It looks great with both flower gardens and lawns, and its quality lasts for years.

Image Source: gardeners.com


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Idea #11: Concrete Edging

When it comes to long-lasting durability, concrete could beat a lot of different materials out there. On top of that, concrete edging is also very easy and flexible to work with while drying so fast. You can easily mow the lawn around it, and it creates a very strong barrier between the lawn and the garden. Plus, with the low price, concrete edging should be one of the best edging garden ideas to have in mind.

Image Source: pinterest.nz

Idea #12: Copper Plate Edging

From gardens and landscaping to walkways and more, copper plates make a great complement to them all. Another awesome thing is that this material gives neat boundaries and some colors to the garden and lawn. It simply stands out with a nice appearance to look at pretty much anywhere you install it. You can get short-scalloped copper or simply copper rolls for this project. Could be a little pricey if you have a big garden or lawn, but it is so worth it.

Image Source: homebnc.com


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Idea #13: Cracked Log Lamps

Australian designer Duncan Meerding did a magnificent job with his idea on cracked log lamp range. The logs give a unique complement as edging, and they illuminate the whole place at night. This is a very creative garden edging idea, and you really should consider this one if you are interested.

Image Source: pinterest.nz

Idea #14: Curvy Double Brick Edging

In case regular brick is too simple, then you might find this curvy double brick edging fascinating. It creates a barrier for a slightly-raised garden bed and adds more support to that barrier. While using just a simple material, the design is actually very cool and stylish. Not to mention that there are so many colors that you can choose for the bricks, this idea is incredible. From a regular line to a curvy shape, it is all possible. Let’s see if this is among the best edging garden ideas that you like.

Image Source: bhg.com

Idea #15: Curvy Stone & Pebble Edging

Straight lines can be boring and a cliché, and this is why this curvy edging idea is worth considering. All you need to do is select pebbles and stones with colors that contrast each other. Then lay them in a curvy line or any lines of your preferences to create a unique look. This idea is perfect for an available gap between the lawn and the walls. It is simple yet nice to have, so let’s see if it has what it takes to match your style.

Image Source: pinterest.nz


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Idea #16: Decorative Fence

If you don’t want to do much, then you can simply install fences as your garden or lawn edging. It does not have to be a large and tall fence, the decorative ones will do well in this context. There is a number of cool decorative fence ideas for you to choose from, and they are all great. From the ones that you can easily buy online to the ones that you want to build, the decision is yours. Depending on your type of garden or lawn, the choice has no limit for this garden edging idea

Image Source: pinterest.nz


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Idea #17: Dichondra Hybrid Edging

When it comes to beauty and elegance, the dichondra hybrid is the plant that you should have in mind. A raised garden edging of these plants brings out all the gorgeousness and style to the whole place. The plants are pretty. Their colors and the waterfall effects that they deliver are absolutely incredible. On top of that, you can also plant them in the ground to carpet your garden or yet. I do not recommend this if you have curious children and pet dogs though because the plants can cause dermatitis.

Image Source: pinterest.nz

Idea #18: Faux Rock Lawn Edging

Want to use the rocks or stones but don’t like the fact that they are too heavy? Then you should go for faux rock edging garden ideas because they are more convenient to arrange and lay down. Faux rocks or fake rocks feel and look like the real rocks except for weighing less. That way, you can easily lift them up or change their places at your convenience. These rocks are available online, and having them are garden edging is very nice also.

Image Source: grandinroad.com


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Idea #19: Flagstone Edging

Flagstones are large and wide, and it creates both barrier and a walkway for your garden and lawn. It is a nice way to save the cost while separating the two areas at the same time with ease. This is not all, flagstones are also cheap and easy to install as well, which is simply awesome. They give the natural feel and look, and they last for so many years to come. You can purchase the stone and lay them by yourself, and it will be done within a few hours. Neat and nice, this could be among the best garden edging ideas that you will like.

Image Source: pinterest.nz


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Idea #20: Flexible Landscape Border Edging

Similar to the border rolls but more organized and neater, this is also among the great and modern edging ideas. The special part about this option is that it is easier and faster for you to install. There are ground stakes per section that allows for convenient installation that takes only just a few minutes. You can expand this awesome garden edging to any length that you like because it allows for endless connection. It is also durable and stain-resistant, maybe you will find it a perfect match for your garden.

Image Source: bestconsumerreviews.com


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Idea #21: FlexiBorder

Flexible garden edging or FlexiBorder has been one of the most popular garden edging ideas for years. The material is recycled rubber which is both eco-friendly and safe to use in your garden. On top of that, it is also lawnmower-friendly so that you can conveniently and neatly mow the lawn with ease. Since FlexiBorder is robust, it can handle trimmers very well without losings its touch at all. Easy installation with a few color options, the choice is yours.

Image Source: ebay.co.uk


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Idea #22: Flower Edging

Nothing is more beautiful than flower edging for flower lovers out there, this idea is absolutely stunning. Instead of building or installing some sort of barrier, you can just plant your favorite flowers in the available spots. It is attractive and colorful, and the flowers will bloom beautifully along the edges. This idea is simply perfect for various themes out there, and the final result is very pretty.

Image Source: pinterest.nz

Idea #23: Flowers On The Logs

The combination of brightly colored flowers and logs makes this an attractive garden edging idea to have in mind. The flowers will bloom beautifully while the logs serve as pots to support their growth. This idea is very creative, and there are so many options available for the flowers and logs that you can decide. It is a nice garden edging idea, and maybe it matches perfectly with the gap that you have.

Image Source: pinterest.nz

Idea #24: Form-Fitting Bricks

It is so satisfying to see perfect matching bricks like this as a garden edging, and it is also easy to create. This idea is ideal for both curvy or straight-line garden beds, and it gives a neat look to the place. Even better, the price for creating this form-fitting brick garden edging is affordable, so you won’t have to worry about the cost at all. It is not only pretty but also unique, so don’t forget to take this one into consideration.

Image Source: gardenloversclub.com

Idea #25: Garden Retaining Wall Blocks

According to Island Block, garden retaining wall blocks are very convenient and easy to use. While their original purpose is for building walls, you can be creative and turn them into your garden edging. The natural look of the stones blends beautifully with your garden or lawn as well as other landscapes in your area. Plus, with a reasonable price, this could be one of the best garden edging ideas that you will like.

Image Source: islandblock.com.au

Idea #26: Glow Stones Edging

As for this type of stone here, it is colorful during the day then glows in the dark when the night comes. Simply put, they make amazing garden edging all day long which is perfect. My most favorite part is that they are easy to find and cheap to buy. There are also a few color options that you can choose from, and these stones are super nice. You can look for them either at Lowe’s or on Amazon, and these stones are super cool to have.

Image Source: pinterest.nz


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Idea #27: Gravel Pebbles

One of the most modern garden edging ideas is using gravel pebbles to separate the lawn and the walkway. This idea is simply beautiful, and the gravel pebbles stand out completely in the middle of the two areas. The barrier that you create also has a clear purpose of indicating the walking path. So there is a gap between the lawn and the walkway, I highly recommend you try this idea. There are so many types of gravel pebbles to choose from, and the final result is really nice.

Image Source: decorhomeideas.com


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Idea #28: Hedge Edging

In case you prefer the natural look for the garden edging ideas, then you might like hedge edging. The nice thing about this edging is that it creates a clear and natural barrier between your lawn and the walkway. It is simply more of a green look but a beautiful line to separate two different areas at the same time. From green shrubs to floral shrubs and more, there are so many hedge options that you can choose from. This idea is also quite flexible, and the decision is all yours.

Image Source: pinterest.nz

Idea #29: Herbs Garden Edging

Besides flowers, you can also grow some herbs along the lines to create edging for your garden as well. Herbs are easy and fast to grow, they smell nice, and you can also use them in your cuisines. More than that, herbs are also beneficial when it comes to repelling certain unwanted insects and pests from your home. You can either grow them directly in the ground or pots, both ways look nice. There are so many choices of herbs that you can try, all you need is to pick your most favorite.

Image: pinterest.nz

Idea #30: In-Ground Edging

For those who want to create a simple border between different landscapes, try in-ground edging. It is flexible, and it separates the two areas from each other without being visible on the ground. This garden edging idea is great because grass roots or weeds cannot invade the other side. That way, you are able to build a nice line with neat separation in various curves and shapes that you like. You will find in-ground edging in either metal or plastic material, and both are great in their own ways.

Image Source: blog.primrose.co.uk


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Idea #31: Limestone Brick Edging

Limestone is another great material that you can choose for your garden edging due to its durability and quality. As bricks, limestone is very solid, so it remains in place without corroding easily at all. Even better, it creates a neat line between the lawn and other areas perfectly for you. The price of this material is reasonable, and it is also easy to find and lay as well. Limestone bricks are naturally stronger, and they last for years which is super awesome.

Image Source: instagram.com

Idea #32: Log Edging & Path

You can turn logs into various things depending on your creativity and preferences. If you have some logs sitting around, this is a great garden edging ideas that you should definitely go for. Chop some into the tall border while cut some others into round shapes for the ground like the picture. It is super neat, and it clearly establishes the line while creating a walking path at the same time. This project is nice, and you probably want to try it.

Image Source: pinterest.com


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Idea #33: Metal Fence

A simple yet elegant, a metal fence is another convenient way to create a garden edging. It still separates the garden from the lawn, and it shows the beauty of your blooms at the same time. There are so many designs and heights that you can search for, and all of them are stylish in their own ways. This idea is also affordable, and the installation takes just minutes to accomplish. You really should check it out. A metal fence makes an awesome edging for the garden.

Image Source: lowes.com


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Idea #34: Metal Flower Stakes

You can also create a flower garden edging using flower stakes, and this is among the most unique garden edging ideas. The metal flower stakes are dark in color, definitely stand out in front of the colorful and green plants. It creates a beautiful barrier without being too subtle, and it is very easy and fast to install. The flower stakes also come in brighter colors that you can choose from as well. Not to mention that there are different types of flowers, the creativity is all yours to decide. It could be a little pricey, but its durability and quality last for so many years to come.

Image Source: pinterest.nz


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Idea #35: Mosaic Bricks / Stones

The amazing thing about mosaic bricks or stones is that they allow for a wide variety of creations and styles. With edging, you can use them to make patterns of different colors or shapes just the way you like. It gives the aesthetic and whimsical vibes, and it matches nicely with flower gardens out there. This could be one of the most interesting garden edging ideas that you find interesting, don’t forget to check it out.

Image Source: pinterest.nz

Idea #36: Natural Stone Flower Bed Edging

When it comes to a natural look for the garden or lawn, the natural stone edging is among the best ones. The stones blend nicely with the flowers, grass, tree, and pretty much anything around them. You can easily create the edging just the way you like by yourself which is also convenient to do. That is not all. You won’t have to maintain or worry about any damages because natural stones are extremely durable. There is a wide variety of natural stone options that you can choose from, so the choices are plenty.

Image Source: patscolor.com

Idea #37: Path Edging

Another way to create an edging in the middle of the garden and lawn is by making a path. Walkway edging allows you to separate two areas while being able to walk across them easily. More than that, you are also able to enjoy the scenery in your backyard or garden with ease as well. When it comes to walkway ideas, there are so many options for you to choose from. We have also discussed walkway ideas in one of our segments, so feel free to check them out here.

Image Source: pinterest.nz

Idea #38: Paver Edging

First of all, paver edging is perfect if you move your lawn regularly because it makes mowing easy. More than that, this type of edging is neat and proper, and it establishes a clear boundary as well. It does not take a lot of time to create, and paver stones are absolutely durable and sturdy. You can trust that your edging is going to last for years to come, and that’s also the beauty of it. As one of the best garden edging ideas, I think you might find this interesting to try.

Image Source: pinterest.nz

Idea #39: Palisade Garden Edging

Palisade is very neat and stylish, and you can create any shape with it which is super nice. Another great thing about this material is that it is very durable, so its quality lasts for years of use. My favorite part about them is that they are available in many different colors, shapes, and sizes for you to choose from. Plus, with the reasonable price, there is every reason to consider palisade as your garden edging.

Image Source: ebay.co.uk

Idea #40: Pebbles & Plants

Simple yet modern, pebbles and plants are one of the modern garden edging ideas. Choosing white pebbles like this will make the green plants stand out, and the whole edging looks amazing. You can also apply this idea to your pathways or walkways, and the final result is just as great. Pebbles and plants are nice for gardening edging idea on the long run, and it does not require a lot of maintenance. It can be a beautiful touch to a lot of places, and it is also inexpensive to do.

Image Source: pinterest.nz

Idea #41: Pittosporum Tenuifolium Golf Ball Edging

Shrubs are nice for having in the lawn and yard in general, and they are great as garden edging too. One of the easy maintenance and pretty shrubs that is also unique is this golf ball here. This mint green foliage has just the perfect size that complements your place with a natural and neat look. At this height, it also makes a nice edging to separate and adorn the garden and lawns as well. The best part is that they naturally grow into a rounded shape without pruning, saving you a lot of time on maintenance too.

Image Source: hopesgrovenurseries.co.uk

Idea #42: Pole & Rope Edging

While a majority of garden edging ideas here completely separate two parts of the area, this one is rather different. What it does is establish the walking area and the garden or lawn. This still allows room for the flowers or grass to freely grow while keeping people from walking on them. It sends the message while looking elegant and nice at the same time. You can choose the colors for the fences or poles, and this idea is quite nice to implement.

Image Source: pinterest.nz

Idea #43: PVC Stakes

Here we have another flexible garden edging idea that could make an awesome complement to your landscape or lawn. The PVC poles come in a round design with stakes at the bottom for easy and fast installation. All you need to do is stick them into the ground, and that’s it. Simple as that, and you can lay it in any shape of your garden and that is super awesome. Even better, you can also paint them with any color of your choice which is a total plus. With both affordable price and a great look, I am sure that you will not regret choosing this idea.

Image Source: pinterest.nz


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Idea #44: Rainbow Rocks

Things can get colorful too, and rainbow rocks can definitely make that happen for you. Instead of using natural colored pebbles or stones, you can go for rainbow rocks of many different colors. They can enhance the look of the whole place immediately, and they look so vibrant at the same time. Simply scatter the rocks along the pathway or by the flower garden, and that’s it. So affordable and so easy to achieve, you might want to consider this idea.

Image Source: pinterest.nz


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Idea #45: Rattan Baskets

You can think outside the pots and go for rattan baskets as the containers of your plants instead. Rattan baskets are lighter, and they also look pretty and unique as garden edging. This idea is great for small to medium gardens, and a long line of rattan baskets with plants inside is delightful.

Image Source: pinterest.nz


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Idea #46: Resin Edging

Creative people love to invest time in cool projects, and this is why resin edging is perfect for you. Mainly because it is something that you create by yourself with a unique look and touch due to your style. This resin edging may take some time to create, but the final result will be awesome. You can do it in wood planks like this or on other materials that you prefer. There is no limit to resin, and the decision is all yours to make.

Image Source: etsy.com

Idea #47: Rubber Brick

No matter if it is a curvy edging or a straight line edging, a rubber brick edging can always work. This type of material is not only easy and flexible to install but also durable and inexpensive. Another great thing about rubber brick edging is that it is made from recycled materials, which are environmentally friendly. More than that, you won’t have to worry that it will corrode or rust due to outdoor elements. And, of course, there are various designs besides the brick that you can choose from. As one of the best modern garden edging ideas, rubber brick is quite popular out there.

Image Source: gardening-naturally.com


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Idea #48: Rubber Stone

Want a stone garden edging but don’t like actual stones? Then rubber stones are the things that you are looking for, easy peasy. Rubber stones come in numerous colors and types that resemble natural stones to adorn your garden or lawn with style. These stones are, of course, durable but lightweight, which is super easy for you to install and create the boundary. You can use it pretty much anywhere you like, and its quality lasts for years to come.

Image Source: homedepot.com

Idea #49: Sandstone Edging

Sandstone is just another natural type of stone that simply takes the beauty of your garden to the next level. The stones come in a variety of unique colors and textures, showing a mixture of essence and style. More than that, these stones come in different lengths and size options for you to select from. That way, you will be able to create the edging look just the way you like with ease.

Image Source: pinterest.nz

Idea #50: Shell Garden Edging

Matching the beach vibe with your garden with shell garden edging is a great way to go. No matter if you live near the beach or love the shells, this edging idea never goes wrong. It is so simple yet so beautiful to create and have in the garden or lawn. The shells are cheap and easy to find, and their colors look absolutely stunning together. In case you want to change the design, you can always pick them up and add other items in instead.

Image Source: homesthetics.net


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Idea #51: Sitting Logs Edging

Here we have another convenient and easy garden edging idea that is super nice to execute. All you need are some large logs to set the border, and that’s it. The logs give a natural look and vibe, and they also serve as seats for you as well. More than that, large logs like this are durable and sturdy, so maintenance is also minimum. This idea is nice for a number of places and settings, and perhaps it is suitable for you too.

Image Source: pinterest.nz

Idea #52: Slate Roof Tiles Edging

There is no limit when it comes to the materials that you can use for garden edging. Slate roof tiles are not so common, and that makes them unique to have as garden edging materials. Since there are so many colors to choose from, creating beautiful edging is a piece of cake. Even better, there are also different shapes and sizes available out there as well. This idea may match both your aesthetic and creativity, so don’t forget to consider this one.

Image Source: pinterest.nz


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Idea #53: Solar-Powered LED Edging

The daytime decoration is nice, but it is even nicer with nighttime illumination. You can easily achieve this style by using solar-powered LED edging, and your garden will look incredible both day and night. There are several types of solar-powered LED fences that you can choose from which is nice. Along with that, you won’t have to do anything at all since it charges and lights up automatically. Purchase once, and you will be able to use it for months and years to come.

Image Source: pinterest.nz

Idea #54: Stacked Stone Garden Edging

As for this idea, it does not only create the raised garden but also a great edging at the same time. Stacked stone garden edging can take quite some time to create due to the stacking, but it turns out awesome. This project could be a little challenging to do by yourself, so I recommend getting help from a professional. They will handle the stone selection and arrangement, and they will finish the project faster too. Depending on your preferences, you can stack at a short or tall layer just the way you like.

Image Source: pinterest.nz

Idea #55: Steel Edging

To achieve the rustic and vintage look, metal edging could be the perfect option for your garden or lawn. Normally, metal is very durable and strong, so it is going to stand strong for years to come. At the same time, you won’t have to worry that it will break or corrode at all. Even animals or pests cannot cause any damages to it which is a total plus. You can prevent rusting by coating it with anti-rust paint so that its appearance remains attractive.

Image Source: pinterest.nz


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Idea #56: Stone Edging

Big stones are nice, but the smaller ones are also great because they are easier and more flexible to arrange. Simply mix and match stones of different shapes or even colors of your choice for an attractive look. The amazing thing about this garden edging idea is that it is ideal for all shapes and sizes. At the same time, it also allows for easy coverage of small gaps that you have in the gardens. You can easily get creative with this idea, and the style has no limit.

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Idea #57: Succulent Garden Edging

Another way to make sure of the gap between the garden and lawn is to plant succulents in those lines. Succulents are incredible because they can create this bold look to compliment your garden with natural beauty and style. The best part is that there are so many colors and types of succulents that you can plant. From the colorful to the vibrant ones, they are all available for you to choose from. So if you like succulents, this is definitely one of the best garden edging ideas to consider.

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Idea #58: Terracotta Edging

Terracotta pots are nice for flowers and plants, and terracotta also makes a nice material for garden edging as well. It is easy to lay down to the garden bed, and its price is quite cheap to pay for. You can purchase several terracotta strips and arrange them around your garden. The pots can be quite fragile, but the lines are durable and long-lasting, which is a total plus. Besides flower beds, you can also use them along the fences, walls, and more.

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Idea #59: Timber Edging

Just like most materials on the list, timber is also among the most durable options that you can consider. More than that, timber comes in different forms such as fences, raised-bed gardens, and more. You can trust that it can stay outdoor without corroding or losing its quality at all. Timber is a little expensive for some, but you know that its durability is also top-notch. Natural color is another nice trait of timber, and you really should take a look at this garden edging idea.

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Idea #60: Victorian Fence

Going for an antique and vintage look is also quite nice for garden edging ideas, and here’s one of them. Installing a fence like this is rather easy, fast, and simple, which you can achieve within minutes. The only thing that you need to do is pick the perfect fence of your choice. In this internet era, you can find almost anything you want online. There are many Victorian fence options available for you to choose from. Your ideal garden edging is just one click away.

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Idea #61: Tall Steel Planters

You can go big by adding tall steel planters as your garden or landscape edging like this one right here. This is also a super cool idea if you want to have a barrier for privacy purposes. Many people use plants like bamboos as edgings or walls, and growing flowers in steel planters are also nice. The waterfall plants in tall planters are highly recommended, but the decision is all yours.

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Idea #62: Tree Branches Edging

One way to recycle the tree branches that by regularly trim is to turn them into your garden edging. You won’t have to buy anything at all, just cut the tree branches into the length that you like. The size is also optional, and all you need is to stack them on top of each other. This simply creates the border to separate two areas right away. Probably not so modern with the final look, but a lot of people actually like the idea.

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Idea #63: Wood Framed Edging

An elevated frame edging like this is also an attractive edging garden idea that you can try. The amazing thing about this idea is that it looks great in most modern home designs these days. So you can build it in your backyard, in the garden, and pretty much anywhere you like. Apart from providing a nice sitting area, you can also grow some decorative plants as well. It is pretty, and it makes an elegant and modern complement to your space, so check it out.

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Idea #64: Wood Panel Edging

Among so many creative ways to use wood, thin panel edging is also a great way that you should try. I would say this garden edging idea is more ideal for a small garden because it looks nicer that way. You can paint the wood panel like the pictures or get the ones with a natural color, either is nice. The point is that the final look will be attractive and unique, and it is easy to create.

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Idea #65: Wooden Sleeper Edging

By the look, you can already tell how neat this garden edging is. This is also the reason why I want to recommend this idea because it is also very easy to achieve as well. All you need is some wooden sleepers and arrange them in the shape of your garden to create the barrier. Although lightweight, they remain in place nicely without falling off at all. You can also secure them by digging a bit of trench to keep all the wooden sleepers in place. No matter what section you are working on, this material is flexible enough to follow your preferences.

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Idea #66: Woven Willow

Sticking to the natural side as much as possible, then we have the woven willow garden edging idea here. It is absolutely unique, and it looks great with almost any garden out there. You will come across a lot of different designs when you search for woven willow edging garden ideas. The border that it creates is attractive and neat, especially for flower beds or flower gardens. As you have already known, willow is also a durable material that lasts for years. Don’t forget to check it out, this can be your next favorite edging idea for your garden.

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Final Words

With up to 66 landscape edging ideas and garden edging ideas, I believe you have at least a few things in mind. Some ideas are pricey while others are so affordable, and all of them are great to try. It took quite some time to put together this list, so I hope you find what you are looking for. Don’t forget to share your thoughts, I am so keen to hear your ideas.