Building An Outdoor Shower: 10 Outdoor Shower Ideas

Could be for a beach house or a pool, there are so many outdoor shower ideas that you will see. Building an outdoor shower is not a big task to concern; choosing the right style for it is. To narrow things down to just the easiest yet modern, I have 10 cool outdoor shower ideas to recommend today. Some of them can be easy DIY projects with some decorating work, while others may require some help. Let’s see which one catches your attention the most.

Building An Outdoor Shower: 10 Outdoor Shower Ideas

Idea #1: Bamboo Cabin

Inspired by the Hideout in Bali, this is a beautiful outdoor shower to build if you want to bond with nature. The showerhead is connected to the bamboo, creating a feeling of showering from a bamboo tree. As for the walls, they are made from thin wood sheets of some sort but you can get creative with that. There are similar sheets that you can find on Amazon if you’d like. To finish the touch, add some plants into the room, and that’s it. You can also add a weaver basket to the light bulb above to match everything together. It may look a lot, but it won’t take long to build and it is actually a fun DIY project.

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Idea #2: Conch-Shaped Outdoor Shower

This is a great outdoor shower idea that you can use to fit in a natural atmosphere in your area. All you need is some bamboo slats or any wood of your choice that you can probably get from Walmart. Building this outdoor shower is quite easy if you have all the tools and some time to work on it. You can keep the original wood color or paint it, and it will look super nice either way.

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Idea #3: DIY Outdoor Shower

In case you don’t want to do much, then this simple DIY outdoor shower is a nice choice to consider. You can simply install a shower faucet or a showerhead in your favorite spot. Then add a wooden floor or other shower floor types that you can find on Amazon, and that’s it. This is an easy and simple task that you can achieve within hours. There is no need for decorating, and you can build this shower anywhere around the house.

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Idea #4: Functional Outdoor Eucalyptus Wood Shower

When it comes to the best outdoor shower for beach houses or pool houses, this one is among them. The incredible thing about this idea is that it has everything a shower should while taking up so little space. Next to the showerhead are some hooks where you can hang your beach towels and clothes. On another side is a shower caddy for shampoo, soap, and more that you can easily reach. A design like this is not only ideal for beach houses but also other outdoor settings that you like. So convenient and simple, this is one of the ideas that you should have in mind.

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Idea #5: Mini Outdoor Shower Room

Let’s say you are going to use your outdoor shower more often, then it should be more functional. Take this idea as an example, it is still a small space for outdoor showering but it has everything. Instead of just one showerhead, there is a small bench and some hooks for clothes and other essential toiletries. Since there are walls around for privacy, you can also change your clothes there as well which is so convenient. Easy and simple, this mini outdoor shower room is also nice to have at home.

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Idea #6: Modern Beach House

A nice outdoor shower beach house should be bright and lively, and this one is a great example of that. The shower area has a unique pattern on both its floor and wall, and it is quite eye-catching. It is nice to go for a white color if the surrounding area has white walls also. However, adding patterns to the shower area simply makes it stand out which is so gorgeous. There are so many colors and styles that you can choose from, just make sure that it has a summer vibe.

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Idea #7: Shower In The Garden

Here we have another natural scene where you can shower while enjoying the view in the garden. Building this outdoor shower is an easy and fast project, and all you need is a matching showerhead. Even the entrance is so surreal, the stone walkways that also doubles as a shower floor. This is one of the most natural outdoor shower ideas that also look incredibly charming. So if you choose a spot in your garden for an outdoor shower, this design is highly recommended.

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Idea #8: Surfboard Shower

Having an old surfboard sitting around somewhere? It is time to recycle and transform it into the background of your outdoor shower. Even if you don’t have a surfboard, getting one is also easy since it is available for order online. This project is both creative and fun, and it also looks unique due to the appearance of your surfboard. You will need some drilling to fit the shower heads in, but it won’t take more than a day. This outdoor shower is great for pretty much any spot, and nothing says perfect outdoor shower for the beach louder than a surfboard.

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Idea #9: Texture Outdoor Shower

An elegant and sophisticated outdoor shower like this is perfect for those who want to take outdoor to the next level. The golden-colored showerhead protrudes from the luxury textile wall, creating such an opulent vibe. This design is definitely perfect for a mansion, but any modern home out there can totally rock this look. You can take it as an inspiration and turn it into the style of your liking as well. I am sure that the final result will always look this luxurious, and you will surely love it.

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Idea #10: Velaro Garden Shower

Showering right next to the pool is also possible with this lavish outdoor shower idea right here. The sidewalls of the shower are made from high-quality wickerwork silk which is durable and waterproof. At the same time, it also provides some privacy since people in the pool cannot see you during the shower. Along with that, the teak floor is non-slip and water-resistant which is safe for all users. You will not come across this outdoor shower design every day, so you might want to take it into consideration.

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FAQs on Building An Outdoor Shower:

FAQ1: What can I use for an outside shower base?

A good outdoor shower base should be able to drain the water fast and properly while remaining durable for years. The top 3 options for an outdoor shower base are concrete, stone tiles, and wood.  These 3 materials are durable and non-slip, and the price to build them is also affordable. Besides these three common types, there are also many other great outdoor shower floors that you can choose from. Feel free to check out our recommendations on the best outdoor shower floors here. (link to article 093)

FAQ2: How do I make an outdoor shower base?

Building an outdoor shower base could be either difficult or easy, depending on your experience and skill with the job. There are a few things that you should have in mind before deciding to build an outdoor shower. The important aspects to consider are location, types of base and shower, and the water source. Plus, with the outdoor shower ideas that I recommended above, you are one step closer to building your outdoor shower.

FAQ3: Can I have an outdoor shower in a cold climate?

Yes, you can. What you have to do is to prepare your outdoor shower for the effects of the cold weather in winter. Make sure to get frost-free or frost-proof fixtures because they can handle cold temperatures very well. Without frost-proofing or winterizing your outdoor faucet or fixtures, it will result in damages. Do not underestimate what winter can do to your water system at home, even the cost to fix it is high. So if your areas experience cold winter, make sure to frost-proof the fixtures of your outdoor shower. Find out more about how to winterize outdoor faucets here.


Building an outdoor shower sounds like a lot, but there are many easy projects that you can try. Also, it is a modern era so there are many tutorial videos that show you what to do. With the collection of awesome outdoor shower ideas and tips above, I sure hope that you will find something. For more information, feel free to drop your questions if you have any, and I will be here to answer them.