10 Creative Side Yard Ideas For Your Available Space

For a creative person, there are so many ways for you to make use of the available space at home. A side yard is one of the open spaces that many people overlook because they think it is too small. So if you want to renovate this side space for a new look for the house, stay right here. I have searched and found some of the creative side yard ideas that you can try. It doesn’t matter if your side space is small, you still can bring out the aesthetic of that area. Let’s see which one among the 10 that is the most suitable side yard idea that you like.

10 Creative Side Yard Ideas

Idea #1: Bamboo Fence

Image Source: pinterest.com

You don’t always have to go for trees when it comes to fence plant ideas, especially for side yards. Bamboo plants are slender and space-saving, and they also make amazing fence plants to have. On top of that, bamboo plants are very easy to grow and take care of. You can create a row and grow some bamboos like the image here. Then you can decorate the walking space with pebbles and walking tiles of your color choices. It is a very easy and simple task, but its final result is extremely pleasant to see. In case you are new to bamboo plants, you might want to check out some bamboo caring tips we have in another article.

Idea #2: Bohemian Chilling Space

Image Source: instagram.com

If you are not a gardening person, then you can turn your side yard into a chilling space like this. All you need to do is adding by furniture and lights, and you will be able to achieve this look easily. It is a nice place to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea at any time of the day. The appearance of the space is also comforting, and it looks extremely charming in photos as well. It does not have to be bohemian, the theme decision is all yours to decide. This side yard idea is modern and relaxing, and it is so easy to create. So if you want a nice sitting area at home, I highly recommend this one.

Idea #3: Luxury Side Yard

Image Source: pinterest.com

This is one of the luxury side yard designs from Robert Mills, an award-winning architect in Australia. His work is minimalistic yet very elegant and sophisticated at the same time. Just like this side yard right here, the entrance in the middle changes the look of the whole place. Plus with the climbing greeneries along the rails, your side yard looks simply amazing. Who would have guessed that gray and green could look this good together, right? This is just an example of one of his works, but you can also contact him to design one. Feel free to check out his website and make your appointment or booking here.

Idea #4: Minimalist Side Yard

Image Source: pinterest.com

Just because it is small, doesn’t mean it cannot look good. It is okay if the space of your side yard is not large enough for the ideas above. You can simply set up the tiles like so, and use the remaining space for some short trees. If you don’t like the trees, leaving the space with just pebbles on the ground will also do. As for the slatted pergola on top, it is optional depending on your preference. The side yard looks great either with or without it, and the choice is all yours to decide. This idea is perfect for those who don’t want to do much, and it still looks amazing. You might find this one interesting, and I hope you like it.

Idea #5: Natural Side Yard

Image Source: pinterest.com

How about a whole wall of greens like this one right here? It does not only create a natural-looking atmosphere but also a relaxing atmosphere for your side yard. There is plenty of plants that you can choose for the wall, and they all look stunning. Then you can grow some plants on the ground, and each side complements each other very well with perfection. The path looks nice this way, but you can always be creative and make it look any way you like. Green is a refreshing color to look at, and the available space that you have is going to look amazing. Want to know what plants are good to grow on the walls? Feel free to check them out here.

Idea #6: Side Pergola

Image Source: pinterest.com


Similar to the bohemian idea, this side pergola takes a chilling space to the next level. You can elevate the area and build a pergola like so to make your side yard looks extra modern. If you like some greens, you can grow potting plants along the pillars or roof of your pergola. Add some lights if you also want to enjoy the fresh air outside at night. This pergola idea for a side yard is very easy to get creative with since you can add many things. I agree that it is a little pricey, but the appearance and style that it delivers are definitely worth it.

Idea #7: Side Plants

Image Source: pinterest.com

Many people prefer growing plants in pots because they look neat and they are easy to organize. This is why I want to show you this side yard idea here that I think you might like. Alongside the walking path, there are many pots of flowers and small foliage that complement the whole thing. You can even add some wall plants on the wall like so if you want to, and it looks absolutely gorgeous. Because it looks very neat, you can easily maintain them from pests while keeping critters at bay. There is no space for pests to hide, and the whole area looks very nice. As for the pebbles, you can pick the colors that you like the most to make them your style. Simple yet elegant, this side yard idea is worth taking into consideration.

Idea #8: Side Yard Garden

Image Source: pinterest.com

Another easy way to transform your side yard is by turning it into a mini garden of flowers or plants. It is nice and pretty, and you will have a new routine that you can enjoy doing every day also. When it comes to gardens, there are so many choices of what to plant that you can choose from. Even the side grass between the gap of each walking tile also looks great as well. I recommend growing some plants on the ground and some plants in the pot to create a unique diversity. If you are busy, make sure to pick the greeneries that are hardy so that they are easy to care for. This one is a beautiful side yard idea that you can conveniently do, let’s see if you find it interesting.

Idea #9: Social Space

Image Source: pinterest.com

Don’t worry if you want to build things or grow plants to renovate your side yard, check this one out. You can transform your side yard into a social space that you sit and relax in your free time. All you need to do is set up some ground tiles, probably plant some grass, and add some furniture. Then you will achieve this neat social space in no time, and it looks cool as well. Get a gazebo if it is too hot, and add some lights if you like to sit outside at night. This side yard idea is very easy to create, and it is almost maintenance-free. It looks super nice, and I sure hope you like this idea.

Idea #10: Thick Slate Top

Image Source: pinterest.com

The great thing about being creative is that you can always think outside the box. You won’t have to grow or spend a lot of time watering all the plants if you are a busy person. As you can see in the photo here, two large pots of plants can also make the space look nice. The unique thing about this idea is the thick slate piece along the top side of the space. It creates this symmetrical and vintage look that complements your side yard with style. The wall lamp is optional, but adding one or two will also look great at night. So if your side yard has a similar space, this is a clever idea that you should have in mind.

10 Side Yard Landscaping Ideas & Decorative Items

Let’s say you don’t want to transform your side yard entirely yet, and you want to start small instead. I also have some side yard landscaping ideas and tips that you can easily give a try. This is going to be a nice makeover for your space, and you will definitely love it. The list below contains 10 side yard landscaping ideas that you can finish over the weekend. Perhaps a few of them may fit with your preference and style, so check them out.

1- Create A Pathway

Image Source: pinterest.com

Whenever you search for side yard landscaping ideas, creating a pathway will always pop up in most sources. Why so? That is because a pathway should be the first step that you should start with when landscaping a side yard. Once you have a path in the middle, many decorating ideas will flow to match with it. At the same time, it is only right to create a pathway that you can walk in that space. Without it, you would not be motivated enough to start other things. When it comes to pathways, there are some ideas that I would like to recommend including:

  • Bricks: filling faux bricks or bricks of your choice in the available space to create a path.
  • Flagstone: randomly setting the stones in a curvy or straight line.
  • Gravel: laying crushed stone, gravel, and sand to create a pathway.
  • Plants: planting baby tears and ferns in the gaps of the path.
  • Stone: place stones of various colors and shapes of your preference for a walkway.
  • Wooden Board: using wooden boards to create a path instead of plants or stones.

2- Flower Pots

Image Source: horticulture.co.uk

Growing flowers in the pots is a simple start for landscaping the side yard and decorating your space. You can place multiple flower pots along the pathways or hang them on the wall. Even nicer, flower pots also look pretty when you hang them on the rack that you can easily install. The great thing about using flower pots is that you can mix and match the colors of the flowers. Flower pots also look great in rows, and the pattern arrangement is up to you to decide. Plus with the fact that there are so many container options available from baskets to ceramic and plastic, things are so convenient.

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3- Hammock

Image Source: pinterest.com

You can also create a relaxing area in your side yard without taking up too much space with a hammock. There are many hammock options available that you can choose from to match your side yard. It looks nice, and you will be able to relax outside or take a nap comfortably also. This side yard idea is easy and inexpensive, and it is very time-saving. It is a good start if you don’t know what to add to the empty space that you have.

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4- Hanging Plants

Image Source: pinterest.com

The ideas for hanging plants are countless, and there are so many beautiful designs that you can try. Similar to the flower pots, the choices for containers to grow your plants are vast. From regular pots to sophisticated designs, they are all available for you to choose from. This side yard landscaping idea creates this unique look while making your space feel natural at the same time. If you are free, you will also get to take care of your plants weekly as well. Not to mention that there are so many types of plants that you can grow, everything is in your hand.

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5- Lights

Image Source: pinterest.com

One of the common ways to landscape your side yard is to add some pathway lights to illuminate the space. It does not only provide the aesthetics but also makes the whole area look pretty even at night. I like this idea because there are so many light designs and options that you can choose from. On top of that, you won’t have to worry about the electricity bill at all since they are solar lights. This type of light automatically charges itself during the day, and it automatically turns on when the night comes.

Another idea is to add string lights if you want to create a cozy sitting space in your side yard. String lights are better because create a relaxing and warm feeling while looking nice at the same time. You can install them around your seating area, and turn them on when you sit outside. There are many economical string lights out there that won’t flood your electricity bill. Adding lights is a cool way to decorate the space, and I highly recommend this idea.

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6- Mini Herb Garden

Image Source: pinterest.com

It does not necessarily have to be flowers and plants, you can also grow some useful herbs in your mini garden. A mini herb garden is a nice way to start small in your side yard landscaping plant. Growing herbs is very easy and fast to grow as well as take care of. More than that, you can also use them in the kitchen when they start to flourish which is a bonus. Make use of the space on the wall with hanging containers like the picture here, and that is it. Convenient and simple like that, what do you think?

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7- Outdoor Seating

Image Source: pinterest.com

Another side yard landscaping idea is creating a comfortable outdoor seating that you can look forward to relaxing at. Simply put some chairs and tables, and there you have it, a cozy place that you can get some fresh air. It is okay even if the space is small because there are compact furniture options out there available as well. A side yard is a nice place for outdoor seating beside the backyard or patio, and it is also quieter. So if you think the available space is good to chill in, go for this idea.

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8- Pebble Edging

Image Source: pinterest.com

You don’t have to build anything to make your side yard looks cool and modern, creating a pebble edging will do. You may have to build the space for the pebbles, but it is not a lot of work. This is a fantastic idea that brings out the minimalist look while looking modern and stylish at the same time. You can add some plants like so, or you don’t have to add anything at all. If you want your pebble edging to look great at night, putting some pathway lights will do the job. It is an easy landscaping idea that you can do within hours, and the final result is super nice.

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9- Rock Garden

Image Source: pinterest.at

A rock garden is very easy to create, and the final look is actually super nice. In order to make a cool rock garden, you will have to get rocks of different colors, sizes, and shapes. This is to create the silhouette and symmetric so that all rocks can complement each other. You can throw some green shrubs to make the garden looks natural, and it won’t take long. Another way to create a stylish rock garden is using a concept known as “spilled pot gardens”. It is unique and nice, and it is also very interesting. You can also find some inspirations from Clay Pot Crafts, feel free to check them out.

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10- Swing

Image Source: pinterest.com

For those who are not a fan of a hammock, maybe a swing is something that you may find interesting. A swing could take quite a large space, but compact options are available as well. This is a nice side yard landscaping idea for those who have kids in the house. A swing is something that adults and kids enjoy, and it creates a relaxing atmosphere as well. What I love about this idea is that it brings the family outside together for an outing. The kids get to enjoy the swing without spending too much time on smart devices, and everyone gets to interact with one another. If there is more space, you can also add a table and some chairs like the image here. It looks absolutely amazing, and the aesthetics of the area are also very cool.

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Final Thoughts

A side yard is one of the most common places that many homeowners pay the least attention to. However, it will level up the aesthetics and beauty of the house once you upgrade its look. With the ideas that I suggested above, I sure hope I could help you out a little. There are many ways to decorate and improve the look of this available space. Maybe a few of them has what it takes to match your preferences and feel free to ask if you have any questions.